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Application & Regulations

Selecting a school for your child is an important task as it lays the foundation for the rest of your child’s future. Keeping this in mind, we at BHIS, have designed our CBSE admission and ICSE and IGCSE school admission procedures to help you understand how you are making the right choice for your child’s education and future by choosing BHIS and its high academic standards.

Before you begin the admission procedure and fill up the application form, we would like to take you through the school’s philosophy and mission.

Our parent-student orientation programmes will assist you in understanding the processes and guidelines for all CBSE admissions and ICSE, IGCSE school admissions, and also answer any queries you have with regards to filling the application form. By following the given guidelines, you will be able to get through admission process comfortably.


Grades 1 - 3

BHIS follows a validated open-entry model for CBSE admission and ICSE, IGCSE school admissions across all centers. Admissions are on first come first serve basis and are based on age-eligibility.

Grades 4 - 5

After Grade 3, a competency level test is conducted to assess the child’s admission to a particular grade for admission to our CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE schools. For Grades 3 and 4, the subjects assessed are English, Math and Social Studies.

Grades 6 - 10

Grade 5 onwards, a test for Hindi is also conducted. The results of the tests are used to determine the level of support the school needs to offer to ensure the child’s smooth transition into the new environment.


School Discovery Tour

Following the registration of prospective students for admission to our CBSE, ICSE and IGCSE school programmes, it is highly recommended that all parents join us on a discovery tour organized by our preschool co-ordinators.This will give parents a personalised experience of our school and its philosophies. This will allow you experience the wholesome, world-class and nurturing atmosphere the BHIS family offers all its students.

Admission Kit

All the information you need related to our CBSE admission and ICSE, IGCSE school admission procedures and application form is available in BHIS’s admission kit. This kit contains important details about eligibility, fee structure and also contains important guidelines on the application procedure. The admission kit is available at the school office at a reasonable price.


The coordinator is the one-point contact for orienting parents interested in CBSE admission, and ICSE and IGCSE school admissions. The co-ordinator can also guide you on how to answer the questions in the application form. Parents will also find it beneficial to attend a comprehensive orientation of the admissions processes involved in our CBSE admissions and ICSE and IGCSE school admissions. This will offer the parents an opportunity to learn about all important school policies, meet distinguished authorities, clear their doubts and ask queries related to the application form. Our objective is to make the admission process as easy as possible for you. We wish you success in the admissions process.