Billanbong High
Specialised Activities
Specialised Activities

Billabong’s specialised activities comprise a mix of academics and extra-curricuars that continually engage the child's attention and personal growth.

Field Trips:

Field Trips offer valuable learning experiences - Experiences that are central to Billabonghig' educational mission, as we believe that schools must not only provide economically useful skills in numeracy and literacy, but also to produce civilised young persons who can appreciate the arts and culture. Additionally, field trip, are a great equaliser amongst children of varied backgrounds, interests and abilities helping them develop social awareness and empathy.

Billabong’s specialised field trips ensure students not only take back memories but also the learning tools as learners are known to retain a great deal of factual information through such specialised tours.

Sports Day

Conquering the goal of both Victory and Sportsmanship - The Billabong annual sports day demonstrates this idea and is the time for children to display their sporting talents, team spirit and sportsmanship. Students are encouraged to participate in a host of individual and group activities that help develop individual goals and team-building. The focus is on participation and not just winning.

Annual Concert

Identifying passions and acquiring skills - Billabong' envisions enabling students to become the best that they can be. The school provides windows of opportunity so that children find their individual talent and their very own direction. At the Annual Concert, the spotlight shines brightly on the children as they showcase the various skills students have learnt, acquired or are passionate about.

Student Council

Taking the Lead –– Billabong encourages students to create a democratic forum for student expression and faculty-student interaction through a ‘Student Council’ programme. Student Council is an organisation of students, elected by the students, for the students. It is set up at two levels – the Junior Student Council and the Senior Student Council and provides an opportunity for students to acquire leadership and social responsibility.