“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'. They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar




Namita Somaiya

"My son is going to billabong school from past three years n the best part is, that he comes home in a very happy mood. I believe that t teachers n staff is very cooperative n their teaching techniques are commendable. My son knows everything whatever the teacher teaches him."


Meen A

"I had admitted my child in billabong high international school, thane in 1st standard. I must say this is the best school for all age group children. All teachers teach in a very different way so that it could be easy for the students to understand the things better."


Welcome to Billabong High International School, Wagle Estate, Thane. It is ranked amongst the top ICSE & IGCSE schools in Thane, and a place where your child will receive premium education.  It is a co-educational school established in 2006 by the Goenkas, under the aegis of the Citizens Welfare Association (CWA). In 2009 we received our ICSE affiliation.

As part of the Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL), which is more than 25 years old , BHIS has been rated among the 10 best international schools in India, providing world class primary, middle and high school education to students for over 13 years now.

As part of our subtle vision, we want to sow the seeds of lifelong learning and raise the next generation of global leaders. Our school at Wagle Estate, Thane, is an integral part of our long term goal.

Why BHIS Wagle Estate, Thane?

Convenient Location

BHIS Wagle Estate, Thane is easily accessible due to its central location. There is easy access to the main roads and railway stations.

CBSE and IGCSE Boards

This school is affiliated to the CBSE and IGCSE Boards.

Smart Classrooms:

The classrooms are equipped with SMART Boards. The School block has Smart Classrooms’ with Cameras installed for 360 degree vigilance.

Holistic Development
We endeavor to provide opportunities for nurturing a well-rounded personality. At BHIS Thane, each student is a rough diamond, waiting for a teacher’s hand to cut and polish their facets. Through constant knowledge sharing and timely evaluations, we take great pride when our students emerge as dazzling diamonds.

Student Council

BHIS Wagle Estate, Thane has an active Student Council of young leaders elected by their peers, teachers and staff. They function like a mini parliament and perform their duties as true representatives of their fellow students.

Our Curriculum

Founded by Ms. Lina Ashar, our international schools have an exclusive curriculum that has been designed based on neuroscience studies and findings.

As educators, we believe in harnessing the incessant power of digital technology to boost learning, using highly innovative knowledge delivery methods. The LRQ approach ensures that the focus is always on the learner rather than the subject. It allows for synchronised learning of different subjects via one theme or topic, rather than individual topics, one at a time. This gives children a 360 degree perspective to whatever they learn.

Our Educators:
Al our teachers at our international school are trained in this unique curriculum, giving our students the BHIS edge. The textbooks and study material is regularly updated and modernised, putting BHIS at par with international schools.

Well stocked Library & more:

Our library acts as a center of academic and intellectual development for staff and students, and contains encyclopedias, various series of world books and over 10,000 publications. The library subscribes to national and international periodicals, journals and newspapers. Being a renowned international school, we have also built a state-of-the-art Science Lab, Art & Craft room, Audio Visual Space and a Cafeteria that caters healthy, wholesome meals to all our students.

Safety & Modernity:

Safety is our primary priority. We have installed CCTV surveillance, first-aid kits and fire safety devices throughout the school, and on the school buses. Our school administration always ensures vigilant security , including a female attendant present on every school bus.

As a school, we aspire to provide a modern and safe campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure supporting the latest in learning environment technology.

Sports & Performing Arts
At BHIS Wagle Estate, Thane, we actively encourage Sports and Performing Arts (SPA). Students can choose to learn, chess, yoga, tennis, basketball, football, dramatics, music, dance, skating, karate, art and gymnastics on our school premises.

Teacher Student Ratio
The teacher: student at our school is follows -

Playschool and nursery is 1:8.
For junior KG to Grade 4, the ratio is 1:12.
And from Grade 5 onwards it is 1:24

Open Door Policy:

We understand that to meet the goal of potential leaders and life-long learners, we need a strong partnership with parents. We practice an open-door policy to update parents of the latest developments in the school, with the intention that they will be able to actively support their children. Education being an ongoing process and a shared responsibility between home and school, we encourage parents to be our partners in this exciting journey with their children.

If you wish to visit our international school at Wagle Estate, Thane, and know more about why we are the best school for your child’s CBSE or IGCSE education, please contact our office to schedule an appointment.


Thane Ashar Estate,
Road No. 2,
Wagle Estate,
Thane (W)Pin : 400604

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