Middle & High School

Middle School: Grades 5 - 8 (Ages 10 to 13) | High School: Grades 9 - 12 (Ages 14 to 17)

Billabong’s commitment to helping young minds chart their own course in the world has made us one of the best middle and higher secondary schools in India. All our middle and higher secondary school students are provided with an environment that focuses on academic excellence, rational thinking, innovative teaching methods, co and extra curricular activities. The carefully designed curriculum enables the young learners to become responsible, confident and thoughtful leaders of the future.

All the middle and higher secondary learners in our schools undergo learning experiences that are interesting, innovative, creative and ‘fun’. Our methods of teaching involve neuroscience, bloom’s taxonomy and multiple intelligences. Our goal is to aim at making learning a joyful, effective and lifelong experience. Keeping this in mind, we offer the learners in all our middle and higher secondary schools the best learning methods one can find in India and internationally.

Technology as an Enabler

Billabong believes in tapping the potential of all its students and finding new intellectual horizons by bringing the best contemporary technology to all its middle and higher secondary classrooms. The technology adopted in all our schools across India is the most advanced. The latest technological tools have been implemented across our curriculum since the academic year 2013 – 2014. This has made the learning process more contemporary, interesting and practical. Our focus is on blended learning which contributes the best of both realms i.e. self-paced digital learning and facilitator-based classroom teaching.

All our schools are equipped with the best available apps, games, videos and movies in curriculum. These promote the 4Cs of 1st-century learning skill i.e. collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity in all our middle and higher secondary school classrooms.

Our focus on using the best technology helps us achieve our learning goals and outcomes in a highly engaging manner, and allow our learners to be up-to-date with the latest technology available in India and internationally.

Glimpses of apps/ web links that we use in our curriculum to fulfill 4Cs are as follows:


Make my groups, flexible team generator and scorer, Picassa


Class Dojo, Survey Monkey

Critical Thinkingy

Movie clips/documentaries followed by answering critical thinking questions


Prezi, creating Facebook pages and classroom blogs

Our Goals

Our goal is to develop independent and confident citizens of the future. Through technology, Billabong has also changed the way teachers teach. Our teachers can employ well-researched, contemporary and effective methods of teaching. This has given them the best opportunities to reach out the variety of learners and assess student understanding through different ways. The use of technology has made our teachers the very best educators for the middle and higher secondary school students in India. While using the best technology to fulfill the 4Cs, we also advocate the responsible and safe use of the internet so that all our middle and higher secondary students into global digital citizens of India.

At Billabong, we promote exploring new things, discovering talents, and achieving excellence of every kind.