Partners Success Stories

Our Partners Are Our Torchbearers!

Sharing the Journey Of Some Of Our BHIS Partners: What inspired them to start and what keeps them going.

Mr. Najam & Mrs. Samina Jamal share their story of initially setting up a school that was taxing and came with a set of unique challenges.

How they created a school which is winning various awards not only by the school but also by the students. Their hard work and perseverance made BHIS Bhopal the finest school in town.

Watch the journey of Mrs. Priti Agarwal's journey towards make BHIS Kanpur an elite school in Uttarpradesh. She believes that education can transform lives and a well-researched and planned curriculum ends up delivering outstanding results for children not just in the classroom but in life. –

Mr. Parmajit and Ms. Jasmine set off their journey with Billabong High in 2007. Initially, the year started with merely 40 children. However, they never let setbacks or challenges pull their spirits down. True zeal to excel, coupled with wisdom and forward thinking helped them grow the BHIS family in Noida. Today, BHIS Noida stands strong with more than 1200 sparkling smiles.

What started with 1 Billabong High International School in Maldives, is now a country-wide phenomenon with multiple centres across the country centres across the country. After meeting success with the 1st BHIS in Maldives, Mr. Abdul Rasheed took his passion to the next level setting the foundation for 4 more centres across the Maldivian Islands. Today, Maldives has 3 Billabong High International Schools in Hussainiyya, Faumulaku & Thinadhoo and 1 Kangaroo Kids International Preschool Dream campus which caters to over 1000 children in Lonuziyaarai Magu. In 2008 Billabong High International School, Maldives started with just 600 students and is now educating over 2500 children year on year!