Lina Ashar's dream to provide children a stress free childhood based on the idea that learning can be fun turned into reality, the first Kangaroo Kids Preschool at Mumbai in 1993. She believes that all children should be taught not only to make a living, but to live a joyous fun filled lives and has evolved a system of education that uses the basis of neurosciences and energy sciences which develops the brain, heart, spirit and soul of students, because it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. The care and experiences provided to young children during early years influences their view of the outside world and the way they relate to others and their ability to succeed as well. At Kangaroo Kids Preschool Velachery this became a reality in the year 2011, when Mr.V.T.Kannan nurtured this preschool which has now grown into a centre with happy kids and their parents. On whose demand of a high school paved the path to another centre – Billabong High International School, Palavakkam, ECR

As the franchisee of Kangaroo Kids Preschool Velachery and Billabong High International School, Palavakkam, Chennai, Ms.Chitra Kannan is personally involved in every aspect of the business. Entrepreneurship has been a goal of hers for a long time, and the recent time has been very rewarding because it feeds both the dreamer and doer parts of her personality.

Ms.Chitra Kannan has a strong aptitude for developing the direction and strategy of the KKEL brand and she never turns down the opportunity to participate in its creative aspects. She is involved in Marketing, Branding, Counseling, Finance and more and she is an integral part of the business.

With an eye for detail and the inspiration to give best to our students nothing has stopped her in turning Lina Ashar’s Dream into reality of sparking human greatness in every single child by discovering and then nurturing each child’s unique gift.



“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'. They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar



  • Parent of Nehal Prashanth

    We are happy about our child’s progress after getting her into this school. She has learnt a lot of new things and made new friends. We are indeed quite impressed about the curriculum. We love the principal, teachers and other staff as their approach is more welcoming! They are taking great care of our kid.

    Shruthi T

Situated in the heart of Palavakkam, Billabong High School is one of the best and most prestigious schools in Chennai, Tamil Nadu for your child’s primary and higher secondary education.

Our school at Palavakkam is committed to following a strong code of ethics and providing the best standards of primary education.

At BHIS, Palavakkam, we follow the unique LRQ model which makes learning a holistic experience that caters to each individual learner’s uniqueness and lasts over a lifetime though a multidisciplinary learning approach using the best possible and most dynamic of education.

By enrolling your child with us at our Palavakkam primary or higher secondary school, you will build a strong foundation for your child’s future and enable him to succeed in life and face any examination with success, confidence and enthusiasm.

Convenient Location
BHIS, Palavakkam is situated in the heart of Palavakkam and is very easy to access by public or private transport.

A Focus of Academic Excellence
Our dynamic world curriculum based on neuroscience and our unique and technology rich teaching methods helps all BHIS students recognize and develop their unique skills to the fullest.

Neuroscience Based Curriculum
Our curriculum has been based on neuroscience and has been designed to be holistic and prepares your child for a bright future.

Teachers and Mentors
All the teachers in BHIS, Palavakkam, Chennai are highly qualified and well trained. The teaching methodology they use is based on neuroscience and is technology rich. They have your child’s welfare at heart and make sure that your child has the best learning experience with them.

Infrastructure of World Class Standards
The infrastructure for BHIS Palavakkam’s primary school has been designed to be of the best possible standards and based on the international and holistic curriculums followed by the school.

Teacher Student Ratio
At BHIS, Palavakkam, we believe in keeping the ration for our playschool and nursery at 1:8. For junior KG to Grade 4, the ration is maintained at 1:12. And from Grade 5 onwards it is 1:24

Best Safety Measures
There well-trained and thoroughly scrutinized security guards present all over our campus. Security cameras and fire safety devices have also been placed all over the school. The school buses are also equipped with CCTV & GPRS. A female attendant is present on each bus at all times. Our teaching staff is well-trained in First Aid and is of handling emergencies.

Sports & Performing Arts
At BHIS, Palavakkam, we believe in developing our learners’ personalities through Sports & Performing Arts (SPA). We offer all our students a variety of activities such as Yoga, Tennis, Chess, Skating, Karate, Basketball, Football, Elocution, Speech & Drama, Western Dance, Capoeira, Fencing, Taekwondo, Gymnastic and lots more.

Right from toddlers’ club to grade 12, we believe in making your child’s educational journey a relevant and engaging one.
If you wish to take a tour of our primary school in Palavakkam and learn more on why we are ranked as one of the best schools in Chennai, please contact our school office and make an appointment.


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