Namita Somaiya

"My son is going to billabong school from past three years n the best part is, that he comes home in a very happy mood. I believe that t teachers n staff is very cooperative n their teaching techniques are commendable. My son knows everything whatever the teacher teaches him."


Meen A

"I had admitted my child in billabong high international school, thane in 1st standard. I must say this is the best school for all age group children. All teachers teach in a very different way so that it could be easy for the students to understand the things better."


A warm welcome to Billabong High International School, Kanpur, UP—the best school for your child’s primary and higher secondary CBSE / IGCSE education in Kanpur, UP. Our goal is to provide your child with world class primary and higher secondary education based on our founder Ms. Lina Ashar’s vision of making learning exciting, stimulating and lasting in an environment that’s safe, nurturing and engaging.

Our primary school programme has been designed to enable our young learners to be educated in unique, creative and contemporary ways, making us the best school in Kanpur for primary education.

All our primary school students are given the best educational opportunities and are encouraged to adopt a scientific attitude and ask questions, build their imagination and express themselves freely and clearly. Or goal is to teach the young minds in our school not what to think, but how to think.

We have adopted the LRQ model for both our primary and higher secondary school education. This model focuses on:

A Learner Centric Approach
An Enriched Curriculum Based on Neuroscience Research
Superior Quality Education

This makes it possible for all the learners in our primary and higher secondary school in Kanpur to have the best and most holistic learning experiences that empower them to build strong foundations for their future.

Our Outstanding Features

Our primary and higher secondary CBSE / IGCSE school is located is in a location that makes it very convenient to reach.

Academic Excellence
All our primary and higher secondary school students have access to the best educational opportunities and learning methods that enable them to unlock their hidden potential to the fullest.

Choice of Boards
We offer a wide choice of the best primary and higher secondary school under educational streams such as the CBSE and IGCSE.

Curriculum Based on Neuroscience
Our curriculum is based on neuroscience and gives all our young learners well-designed opportunities and experiences to develop and fine tune their knowledge, inter-personal skills and creativity. Our primary programme also empowers young minds to build their personalities through self-discipline and self-confidence, making us one of the best schools in Kanpur, UP, for primary education.

Our Faculty
The faculty members at our school have been carefully selected after ensuring they are sincere and qualified. They also undergo mandatory training sessions at regular intervals to upgrade their skills and knowledge and to be up-to-date with the latest teaching methods and technology.

World-Class Infrastructure
The infrastructure at our Kanpur school is designed to support International curriculums, making sure that your child gets international-standard education.

Ideal Teacher Student Ratio

A BHIS, Kanpur Civil Lines, the ideal ratio for our playschool & nursery is 1:8.

For Jr Kg. to Grade 4- 1:12.

And for the Cantonment branch -Grade 5 onwards is 1:24

Safety Measures

Safety measures have been paid attention to in detail, making us the best school in Kanpur. Security guards are present all over the school. CCTV camera & fire safety devices are installed all throughout the school. All our school buses are equipped with CCTV & GPRS with a female attendant present on board. The staff is well-trained in First Aid and how to handle emergencies of all kinds.

Sports & Performing Arts

Sports & Performing Arts (SPA) offers a variety of activities like Music, Chess, Karate, Yoga, Tennis, Skating, Football, Basketball, Elocution, Speech & Drama, Western Dance, Capoeira, Fencing, Taekwondo & Gymnastics. These activities help our students become all-rounders and develop strong personalities.

Please feel free to contact our office if you would like to visit us and know more about why we are the best school for your child’s primary and higher secondary education in Kanpur, UP.


Billabong High International School,
124 Cantonment,
Kanpur 208004

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