Mobile Safety Tips for Kids

When we were kids there no concept of a 'mobile phone' as a device for fun and leisure. Some of us didn't even have the landline at home. Most of the children in the 80's and early 90's were introduced to mobile phones only in college. However today, the mobile phone is the most easily available and accessible device. It has turned from a luxury into a necessity and is owned by persons across age groups. With a huge population of young millennial parents today's children are born around it and it is almost like they know how to use the mobile faster than any of us adults! With the over exposure of the mobile and it's easy access, there is also an increasing fear in terms of ensuring our children are using this correctly - in terms of content being accessed etc. Here are a few mobile safety tips for kids

08/05/2020 04:15 PM IST

10 Ways Parents can Help Children Adjust to High School

We may have spent many years in school, and through our personal experience we all know that going to high school is a completely different ball game v/s preschool or middle school. High school years are impressionable and go a long way in building or breaking a child's personality. They are going through major physical and emotional changes, they are exploring themselves, their thinking process is changing and they are also trying to define who they are and what they stand for. The experience of moving from middle school to High School can be daunting for various reasons. However the right kind of support and guidance from the community can make this an uplifting and memorable phase!
If parents and teachers support children along the way and have the right kind of conversations at the right time, then adjusting to life in High School will definitely be easier.

08/05/2020 04:04 PM IST

Thinking Of Business Opportunities - High School Franchise

Quality education is the need of the hour. Parents have finally started giving more and more importance to education. No more is it ok for children to drop out of school, on a general basis a minimum educational requirement is graduation. With the rising competition and the demand for good schools investing in a high school is one of the viable options.

23/04/2020 11:53 AM IST

Importance of outdoor play for kids

Children are born with a lot of energy and they need direction at all times on how to use it. As children, our parents left us and most of the time we were found outside playing outdoor games like catch and cook, cricket, flying discs, badminton and more because they understood the importance of outdoor play. Parents needed to literally pull children back home at night for them to clean up and have dinner. However today times have changed and children spend a lot of time indoors. Thanks to technology, children have access to a lot of electronic devices and tend to prefer spending time on the computer, tab or gaming cosole. This has increased anxiety among parents, towards the attachment that children are building towards technology from an early age.

23/04/2020 11:26 AM IST

Importance of Life Skills

Do learning life skills really help?
Does it lead to any change in an individual's life?
Will it help my child?
These are frequent questions asked by parents & students.

Ms. Upasana -
Teacher BHIS Santacruz
03/01/2020 8:08 PM IST

How formal should students be while interacting with their teachers?

Teachers and Students are two different sides of the same coin. In a schooling environment, they both play a vital role. They spend a lot of time together in a day, teaching and learning.

Ms. Sudhadevi
Teacher BHIS Santacruz
03/01/2020 7:55 PM IST

Do college rankings matter?

Some college rankings do reveal a kernel of truth about a school, but it's best to take them all with a grain of salt. College rankings should be a small piece of your college search puzzle (and a small factor in how you think about your college once you enroll).

Ms. Shikha
Teacher BHIS Santacruz
03/01/2020 7:45 PM IST

Developmental Disabilities - Challenging Behaviours and Interventions

Developmental Disabilities - Challenging Behaviours and Interventions Developmental Disabilities are usually present and diagnosed at birth. Some developmental disorders, however, may not be easily identified until age three to six. The problems are usually life-long and can affect everyday living. Developmental disabilities may range from mild to severe.

Ms. Parul Merchant
Asst. Coordinator / Special Educator
Center of Well-being
BHIS Santacruz
03/01/2020 7:28 PM IST

Driving at age 14?

Should driving be legal at age 14? No I don't think driving should be legal at age 14. India's current legal age to drive is 18 and in foreign countries such as America and England, the legal age of driving is 16. Why do governments have different legal age of driving laws? It's because governments make these laws according to their population, in India for example we have one of the most populated countries in the world hence there need to be mature and aware citizens driving or else it can lead to a high death and accident rate.

Rafael Joseph - Grade 8
Student - BHIS Santacruz

05/12/2019 8:44 PM IST

The advantages of asking questions

He who asks questions remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask questions remains a fool forever~ Chinese proverb.

Manisha Singh
Teacher - BHIS, Pune
05/12/2019 8:32 PM IST

Why is coding important for kids?

In the advent of the digital age, just like how reading and writing are important, coding and computer literacy are also becoming a necessary skill to learn at a young age. As the world is moving towards digital space, having a cup of tea for Rs.10 or buying a property for few crores of rupees is all happening with a click of a button thanks to apps like payTm and digital wallets. Amazon and Netflix even read the customers' minds and make movie and music recommendations using patterns and artificial intelligence (AI). Entire cab sharing industry like Ola and Uber run their business using Google maps features. Right from building cars to performing knee surgeries, robotics and automation solution is cutting across all industries and geographic boundaries. In all the above cases coding forms the heart of all the apps and solutions. We as teachers and parents need to equip our children to have digital literacy when they graduate to high school.

Vidya M Ramaratnam Teacher - BHIS, Pune
02/12/2019 08:17 PM IST

Why I enjoy school?

I love Billabong High. Our school promotes both fun and learning. We have capable teachers who nicely explain different subjects in class. They also make reading fun by getting us to read interesting books like Matilda, Judy Moody, James, and the Giant Peach, Harry Potter to name a few.

Tanishka Sridhar - Grade 4
Student - BHIS Santacruz
05/12/2019 20:01 PM IST


First and foremost, the BHISMUN in itself is a big deal and I mean a really big deal. The first-ever MUN Billabong has ever put up and believe me when I say, it was a good one. They'd managed to perfectly balance fun and work I'll admit that the food may have not been perfect, but when is it ever?

Vihaan Shilov
Grade 9, BHIS Santacruz
24/09/2019 17:58 PM IST

All-Round Education and its Benefits

An All-Round Education is a process of self-actualization and learning that combines an individual's mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth. Keeping this vision intact, our school implements holistic teachings in our students' education so that they can overcome challenges in their lives along with other academic subjects.

Ms. Dipty
Teacher, BHIS Santacruz
24/09/2019 17:46 PM IST

World Literacy Day

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." - John Dewey. With no boundaries and limitations, the only thing that can make you a diamond from coal is education. There is no power stronger than education and we should celebrate this day to spread its awareness. The reason why education is important is not only because it leads to employment however, it encourages to know human rights so that everyone can get what they deserve. Learning does not stop when we graduate: hopefully, it colours our everyday activities and is not limited by age or gender. Literacy not only has academic application, it also informs our consumer decisions, our job choices, and our decision making in democratic culture.

Husein Hakim
Grade 7, BHIS Santacruz
24/09/2019 17:34 PM IST

LGBTQ Community

Many of us are familiar with this community. We've heard of it, we have a lot of opinions on it. But do we understand it? Not really.

LGBTQ+ is the acronym for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer. The '+' stands for many more sexualities. These terms are used to describe a person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

Jiya Banerjee
Grade 8, BHIS Santacruz
24/09/2019 17:21 PM IST

Integrated Learning

Madhura Ramani
What is integrated learning? It is the process of making connections among concepts and experiences so that the information and skills can be applied to novel and complex issues or challenges. In simple words, integrated learning means combining what is learnt in schools, colleges, and universities with the solution of real-world problems for real-world issues.

Ms. Madhura
Teacher, BHIS Santacruz
24/09/2019 17:09 PM IST

Importance of not comparing children

The greatest gift that God gives to any parent is their children. The adage that every new born comes with a promise that God still has faith in mankind speaks for itself.

Ms. Shilpa
Teacher, BHIS Santacruz
24/09/2019 16:12 PM IST

What Is The Purpose Of Education- Holistic Versus IQ Based

I recently read an article on 'Why Google doesn't care about hiring top college graduates'. It explains how after years of analysing who succeeds at the company, they have moved away from high GPAs and brand name school and colleges. Google has discovered what most teachers already know. A student who is successful in school is not necessarily successful in life! An education that only educates the brain and not the mind, soul, heart and spirit of a child is a system that fails students. The habits of mind that lead to success are based in developing the Emotional Quotient.


Working Moms Should Be Celebrated, Not Sent On Guilt Trips

Isn't this a case of much ado about nothing? To me, it is. Point out a time to me in the history of humanity when women weren't working. Incidentally, this takes me to a very interesting case where my nephew attended an interview for admission to Class I. The interviewer asked him, "Is your mom working?" The kid responded in a very matter-of-fact manner, "Yes." The principal came back with the follow-up question, "And where does she work?" Pat came the answer: "At home." So if that six-year-old could understand, why can't this adult world?

06/03/2017 11:31 AM IST

Do You Believe In Just Letting 'Kids Be Kids?' They May Never Grow Up

This is part 4 of a series on parenting styles. Part 1 is here. and part 2 is here. and part 3 is here.

The permissive parent

"Kya tum jaante ho main kiska beta hoon (Do you know whose son I am)?" How many of us have heard people bring this up in a fight or even in regular conversation? This is a perfect example of a comeback from children of permissive parents. A permissive parent is usually nurturing and warm but also one who refuses to set limits for the child. They discuss things with their kids, give them choices, and ask for their opinions but they do not set consequences. They encourage free thought without putting much thought into their own actions. They are rather laid back and relaxed when it comes to parenting. They do not demand things from the kids and expect them to find a regulation system for themselves. At times it seems like it is the child who is controlling the parents.

19/12/2016 11:15 AM IST

Is Technology A Boon Or Bane For Teenagers?

As an educator I am often asked this question: "Is technology a boon or bane?"

We need to understand that human beings are lazy by nature and would love it if other people did all their work - the introduction of technology has done precisely that. Over the years, we have stopped writing letters, instead tapping out informal emails. We do not remember phone numbers,depending on our mobiles to pull them up for us. We do not remember birth dates, because that's what Facebook is for; we also wish people there instead of making that two-minute personal phone call. We do not make the effort of remembering spellings because there's spell - check and auto-correct. We talk to people miles away from us and ignore those who are sitting right next to us. We tell the whole world where we are and what we are doing. Technology is making our children dumber and as parents we need to train our children to use it wisely.

03/10/2016 3:45 PM IST

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