The third installment of the Thoughtful Parenting series by Billabong High International School is here!

BHIS partnered with Universe of Moms (UNIMO), an online community of mothers to organize engaging live sessions on Facebook, around important topics that would benefit parents. The third session was held on the 30th of March, 2023, and was an enormous success. Neha Kane Kanabar (founder of UNIMO) hosted the session and was joined by Natasha Mehta the Head of School Development at BHIS as well as Aditi Mukherjee Principal of Billabong High International School Pune.

The following questions were discussed in depth, among many more:

1. What are some common signs of stress and anxiety among young children and teens, and how can parents recognize these signs?

2. What are some potential triggers or sources of stress and anxiety for children and teens?

3. What are some effective strategies that parents can use to help their children manage stress and anxiety, both in the short term and the long term?

4. How can parents distinguish between normal stress and anxiety that most children experience from time to time, versus more serious or persistent mental health issues?

5. What are the long-term implications of stress & anxiety on children (on their behavior, self-esteem, and overall growth)?

6. How does Billabong High International School handle student anxiety and stress? Does the school have a counseling wing?

7. How can parents contribute to easing stress and anxiety among their children? Are there any effective ways that parents can encourage their children to express their feelings and concerns openly? Any tips for parents?

Watch what the experts had to say, along with insightful tips in the full session linked above!

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