Following up on the success of the first session, Billabong High International School has once again partnered with Universe of Moms (UNIMO), an online community of mothers to organize engaging live sessions on Facebook, around important topics that would benefit parents. The second session was held on the 23rd of March, 2023, and was an enormous success. Neha Kane Kanabar (founder of UNIMO) hosted the session and was joined by Natasha Mehta the Head of School Development at BHIS as well as Dr Priti Shrimal - Principal of BHIS Baroda.

The session covered the topic extremely well, with all the participants adding pearls of wisdom from their own expertise.

The following questions were discussed in depth, among many more:

1) Why is it important for children to have good social skills? Where can children build/learn these social skills?

2) What are some of the challenges that children may face while socializing? Are there any signs that indicate poor social skills?

3) What are some strategies to build social skills in children across different age groups?

4) What are the long-term implications of poor/underdeveloped social skills? Can this can lead to bigger problems later on in the child's life?

5) What are some measures undertaken at BHIS to help children socialize and bond with peers in school?

6) How does BHIS handle cases of ADHD, SCD among students?

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