Taking a step towards assisting the parents in enhancing the mental and psychological health and self-confidence of their children, Billabong High International School has partnered with Universe of Moms (UNIMO), an online community of mothers to organize engaging live sessions on Facebook, around important topics that would benefit parents. The first session was held on the 16th of March, 2023, and was an enormous success. Neha Kane Kanabar (founder of UNIMO) hosted the session and was joined by Natasha Mehta the Head of School Development at BHIS as well as Adwait Kapileshwari from BHIS Juhu who has been teaching Psychology & has been a counselor for the last 12 years.

The session was extremely insightful, with all 3 participants adding their valuable experiences and knowledge.

Some questions were asked by audience members as well, in addition to a guest parent who shared her own experiences, to get advice from the experts.

The following questions were discussed in depth, among many more:

1) What are some warning signs that a child may be experiencing bullying, and how can parents recognize these signs?

2) How can parents talk to their children about bullying, and what are some effective strategies for starting this conversation?

3) Some children are more vulnerable to bullying. What kind of children are more likely to be bullied?

4) How can parents help their children build resilience and coping skills to better handle bullying situations? How can parents help their children develop healthy boundaries and assertiveness skills so that they are better equipped to stand up for themselves and others?

5) What are some potential reasons why a child may be bullying others?

6) How can parents help their children address these underlying issues from becoming bullies?

7) What are some strategies that parents can use to support their child if they are being bullied, including how to report the bullying to school administrators?

8) What are some measures or initiatives taken by BHIS to prevent and curb bullying at an early stage?

9) How can parents work with schools to address bullying in a broader sense, and support the school in its initiatives?

Watch what the experts had to say, along with insightful tips in the full session linked above!

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