Cbse Board School

CBSE Board School

At Billabong High International School we have incorporated Integrated Learning in our curriculum. Rather than teaching subjects in isolation, our curriculum - which also absorbs the principles of Bloom’s Taxonomy - provides layered knowledge, by simultaneously teaching different disciplines in a relevant manner. Field trips are conducted at regular intervals to provide experiential learning. We believe in providing mindful education. We believe in providing a value-based approach to our teaching, hence much emphasis is laid on ensuring that they are raised with the same morals that are provided in the home environment.

CBSE School Curriculum

The course structure of CBSE Board is designed in such a manner that students do not face pressure, by making the syllabus textbooks interesting and attractive. Chapters include fun activities which help students learn in a playful manner. CBSE students do not need to learn by rote. The exam papers are designed to test how much the students have actually learned from the entire learning process. Apart from imparting quality education, CBSE education also ensures holistic mental and physical growth of the student. Billabong High International School is India’s leading CBSE school franchise.

How to Open CBSE School in Your Area

For setting up a CBSE school:

  • It is mandatory to form either a trust, society or section 25 company.
  • Our Project Manager will provide complete guidance on every step.
  • The minimum requirement for becoming a franchise partner of India's leading primary and high school network is possession.
  • Apart from building and furniture, the other expenses are manpower, marketing transportation, association fees, necessary legal duties and fees and administrative costs.
  • After the land is finalized and in possession, it typically takes between 8 to 10 months to set up the school.
  • The Billabong team will be actively involved in helping you set up the school.
  • Once the school is set up, a team of Key Accounts Managers will help you in certain activities.
  • For getting affiliated to CBSE Board, we will guide you through the entire affiliation procedure by providing the necessary know-how, guidelines and consultancy.