Teachers and Students are two different sides of the same coin. In a schooling environment, they both play a vital role. They spend a lot of time together in a day, teaching and learning.

Ms. Sudhadevi
Teacher BHIS Santacruz


Some college rankings do reveal a kernel of truth about a school, but it's best to take them all with a grain of salt. College rankings should be a small piece of your college search puzzle (and a small factor in how you think about your college once you enroll).

Ms. Shikha
Teacher BHIS Santacruz

Developmental Disabilities - Challenging Behaviours and Interventions Developmental Disabilities are usually present and diagnosed at birth. Some developmental disorders, however, may not be easily identified until age three to six. The problems are usually life-long and can affect everyday living. Developmental disabilities may range from mild to severe.

Ms. Parul Merchant
Asst. Coordinator / Special Educator
Center of Well-being
BHIS Santacruz

Driving at age 14?

05/12/2019 8:44 PM IST

Should driving be legal at age 14? No I don't think driving should be legal at age 14. India's current legal age to drive is 18 and in foreign countries such as America and England, the legal age of driving is 16. Why do governments have different legal age of driving laws? It's because governments make these laws according to their population, in India for example we have one of the most populated countries in the world hence there need to be mature and aware citizens driving or else it can lead to a high death and accident rate.

Rafael Joseph - Grade 8
Student - BHIS Santacruz


He who asks questions remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask questions remains a fool forever~ Chinese proverb.

Manisha Singh
Teacher - BHIS, Pune


In the advent of the digital age, just like how reading and writing are important, coding and computer literacy are also becoming a necessary skill to learn at a young age. As the world is moving towards digital space, having a cup of tea for Rs.10 or buying a property for few crores of rupees is all happening with a click of a button thanks to apps like payTm and digital wallets. Amazon and Netflix even read the customers' minds and make movie and music recommendations using patterns and artificial intelligence (AI). Entire cab sharing industry like Ola and Uber run their business using Google maps features.