Best Igcse Schools in India

Welcome to Billabong High International School, recognised as one of the best IGCSE schools in India. Our commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development sets us apart. Join us and learn more about our thoughtful learning process.

Benefits Of Choosing IGCSE Education Board

The IGCSE board offers a curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, flexibility, and a global perspective. It helps prepare students for both academic and personal success.

  • IGCSE, the best Cambridge board, is a global qualification that teaches many subjects
  • It provides a balanced education combining academic rigor and practical skills
  • It encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Students can choose subjects based on their interests
  • An international perspective is promoted in the IGCSE curriculum

- IGCSE schools prepare students for further studies and emphasize language development and communication skills

- Co-curricular activities, sports, and arts are an integral part of the curriculum

List of IGCSE Schools in India

Billabong High International School is affiliated with the IGCSE board and proudly operates several campuses across India:

BHIS Malad

  • Located in Mumbai, BHIS Malad is a premier institution known for its innovative teaching methods and a strong focus on student welfare. This is one of the best IGCSE schools in Mumbai that focuses on thoughtful learning rather than a strictly academic approach. This school, among the Cambridge board schools in Malad received the Thinking Leader School award in 2020.

IGCSE Board Curriculum in India

The IGCSE curriculum at Billabong High is comprehensive. It has been designed to empower students with a strong academic foundation and practical skills for their future.

IGCSE Board School Admissions

Our admissions process is streamlined and focused on understanding each student's potential and aligning it with our educational philosophy. To learn more, please consider our admission kit. 

Admission Process for IGCSE Board Schools at Billabong High School

The admission process at Billabong High involves a careful review of academic records, extracurricular achievements, and personal interviews. Sometimes, students need to sit for merit tests.

Role of IGCSE Board Schools in a Student's Holistic Development

IGCSE board schools like ours play an important role in shaping well-rounded individuals who are academically proficient, emotionally intelligent, and socially responsible.


IGCSE schools like Billabong offer an internationally recognised curriculum that is well-suited for students who seek a dynamic and flexible educational environment.

Both Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge O-Level boards offer high-quality education, but the choice depends on your child's individual learning style and future academic plans.

The admission age varies by school. For more details, please visit our admission criteria.

Select a school like our Billabong High that is affiliated with the IGCSE board. For more details, please go through our specific admission criteria and programmes designed for parents.

Billabong High School offers a comprehensive IGCSE curriculum, experienced faculty, and a supportive environment that nurtures all aspects of student development.