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The learning and academic framework are broken down into age-appropriate milestones to ensure holistic development for your child. These learning milestones are mapped against a clearly defined outcome, which includes academic and co-curricular performances.


The infrastructure and facilities at Billabong High International School are an integral part of our pedagogy and further the culture of innovation within the campus. It’s built to offer the right stimulation, fluidic learning, and engagement and is also focused on enhanced mental and physical development in your child. The campus is fully CCTV monitored with the safety of your child envisaged at the core.


Class Room

Art Studio

Sports & Extracurricular Facilities for Football

IT Studio

Science Labs


Billabong High International School offers the CIE, CBSE, ICSE & ISC boards.

At Billabong High International School, the spaces are built to develop a collaborative approach, and the ability to experiment, prototype, and give shape to new ideas. There are multiple avenues for students to explore their artistic side with dedicated spaces for performing and fine arts. The school houses state of art labs including a maker lab, a full stack library with age-appropriate books, and an extensive audio library. The campus will also be equipped with multiple sports facilities – fencing, archery, combat sports, and outdoor sports like football, basketball and skating, and more.

Billabong High International School features a plethora of specialized activities aiding the holistic growth of your child. From age-appropriate critical thinking programs, and maker programs to specialised sports like fencing, rifle shooting, archery, and outdoor adventure sports programs there are multiple activities that aid our students in developing the innovator mindset.

Every educator at Billabong High International School undergoes rigorous screening before their in-house training to aid them to implement our School of Innovation concept. Our teaching staff is highly trained and adept in new-age teaching methodology. Through our regular workshops and subject-specific seminars, our educators are ahead of others when it comes to teaching methodologies.

Billabong High International School provides a perfect platform for children to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Our school’s ethos is based on developing an innovative mindset among children through which they can tackle the challenges of the world with creativity, empathy and analytical thinking. The teaching methodology at our school focuses extensively on academic excellence along with the holistic development of young minds.

Our parent-student orientation programmes will assist you in understanding the processes and guide you through the entire process. You can register here for initiating the admission process. By following the given guidelines, you will be able to get through the admission process comfortably.

Parent orientation and onboarding is a process to make parents acquainted with the school policies, regulations and facilities. This session provides a perfect platform for the parents to interact with school authorities and key POCs to clear all their doubts about Life at Billabong.

The admission counsellor is your first point of contact at Billabong High International School. The counsellor will guide you through the entire admission process, documentation and policies and help you with any further information regarding admissions that you may need.

Our Admission Kit contains all the information regarding the admission process, policies, facilities and fee structure. The admission kit is available at the school office at a reasonable price.