Best CBSE Schools in India

Billabong High International School (BHIS) is among the best CBSE schools in India. It promises to offer a complete educational experience. We focus on academics as well as extracurricular activities to help students develop in all areas. At BHIS, the CBSE curriculum is designed to offer a solid grounding in essential subjects while also encouraging out-of-the-box and analytical thinking.

Benefits Of Choosing CBSE Education Board

Here’s why parents should consider CBSE schools like BHIS.

Established in 1929, CBSE is a renowned educational board in India that provides comprehensive education.

  • CBSE curriculum balances academics, co-curricular activities, and life skills well.
  • CBSE schools offer from Nursery to Secondary education in India and abroad.
  • CBSE learning prepares students for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.
  • Best CBSE schools on experiential learning and practical application.

CBSE curriculum is continually updated to keep pace with the changing educational landscape and global trends.

List of CBSE Schools in India

Here is a list of CBSE schools in India.

BHIS Malad

Billabong High International School (BHIS) Malad is one of the best CBSE schools in Mumbai. It integrates technology with traditional teaching methods. Besides formal education, the school provides a variety of learning experiences with its new-age programmes.

BHIS Amanora (Pune)

Located in Pune, BHIS Amanora dedicates itself to nurturing individual talents. The school offers a diverse range of extracurricular activities. It enables students to explore their interests in arts, sports, and science. It is among the top-rated CBSE schools in Pune.

CBSE Board Curriculum in India

The CBSE curriculum is renowned for its structured and student-centric approach. It focuses on building strong conceptual understanding and practical application of knowledge. The curriculum is regularly updated to incorporate the latest educational trends, ensuring that students are well-prepared for global challenges.

CBSE Board School Admissions

The admission process for CBSE schools involves academic assessment, personality profiling, and interviews. At BHIS, we offer admission from primary to high school sessions.

Admission Process for CBSE Board Schools at Billabong High School

At Billabong High School, the CBSE admission process is open for the 2024-25 session. Before filling up the CBSE admission form, parents are advised to consider our parent-student orientation programmes for a better understanding of the process. Check out our admission kit for more information.

Role of CBSE Board Schools in a Student's Holistic Development

Top CBSE schools in India, like BHIS are excellent in shaping well-rounded personalities. We provide students with numerous opportunities to engage in sports, arts, community service, and leadership roles. This exposure helps in the development of social skills and empathy.


CBSE schools are often preferred for the balanced approach to education. BHIS provides a strong academic foundation while also focusing on the child's overall development.

The choice between CBSE and ICSE depends on individual preferences. CBSE is known for its student-friendly approach and wide recognition, while ICSE offers in-depth study and is recognised for its focus on language and literature.

For admission to the nursery in CBSE schools like BHIS, the child typically needs to be 3-4 years old by March 31st of the academic year.

To apply for the CBSE board, students need to be enrolled in a CBSE-affiliated school like BHIS.

By opting for Billabong High School for CBSE education, you are choosing an institution that places a high value on academic excellence, creative thinking, and personal growth.