As our world evolves and transforms at an accelerating pace, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment in education, acknowledging that the future will favour those who not only think beyond conventional boundaries but also push its limits. Presenting Billabong High International School, Mulund – Mulund’s finest CIE School. Powered by the Cambridge board of international education with state-of-the-art infrastructure, unique sports and arts programs and a thoughtfully curated curriculum, our school is set to be a beacon of thoughtful learning and creative thinking.

CIE (IGCSE) | Nursery to Grade 12 (AS & A Levels)

Head of Academic Research and Development

I firmly believe that as the world becomes increasingly more complex, the ability to think innovatively and to be able to see every ‘change’ as an exciting new opportunity will be vital for personal and professional success. The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2023, calls out analytical and critical thinking, resilience, self-awareness, collaboration and empathy amongst the top core skills for workplace success. These skills will continue to strongly influence and change the world we live in. Therefore, at the very core of our learning philosophy lies the emphasis on creating an environment where children can think differently, express their ideas freely, challenge the status quo, work cooperatively, deeply think about real world problems, and learn to reflect. Welcome to Billabong High International School, Mulund – a schooling ecosystem that sees learning as a lifelong pursuit, with a collective goal to equip learners with essential skills required to succeed in a dynamic world, to ideate, create and collaborate across borders and boundaries

- Dr. Natasha Mehta


The schooling ecosystem at Billabong High International School Mulund is designed to build the mindset of an innovator in every learner. Our unique curriculum, personalized learning enabled by an optimal student-teacher ratio, thought-shaping programs and initiatives that enable global exposure, allow for learners to become thoughtful global citizens.


Billabong High International School, Mulund, offers a host of new-age programs designed to imbibe an ‘innovator mindset’ early on. These programs hone 21st century skills such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creative problem solving.


The school is equipped with state of the art infrastructure designed for 21st century learners. Our campus is designed to incorporate collaboration zones, creative zones, expression zones and zones for learning and development. Billabong High International School Mulund is on the way to being an Apple Certified School! Come, visit our school team to know more. Archery Zone

Archery Zone

300 Seater Auditorium

Pottery Studio

Sports Arena

Makers Studio

Apple Enabled School