Why I enjoy school?


By BHIS   clockMay 12, 2019   

I love Billabong High. Our school promotes both fun and learning. We have capable teachers who nicely explain different subjects in class. They also make reading fun by getting us to read interesting books like Matilda, Judy Moody, James, and the Giant Peach, Harry Potter to name a few.

In EVS, we study about our environment, making us conscious of how our actions are beneficial or harmful to nature. In addition to learning about our country, we also learn about places like Egypt, Africa, Australia – their culture, history, people, climate, etc. In order to make these topics more interesting, our teacher’s research & play relevant videos or prepare fun games and quizzes. We all score well in our reviews, sometimes without even revising at home, thanks to our teachers!

In school, we have a special program called SPA. During those classes, we learn many interesting extra-curricular activities like dancing, capoeira, basketball, cricket and many more. I have taken skating and dance. In skating, we learn the various movements, how to jump wearing skates and we also play running games wearing skates.

In dance, we learn different movements in each class and practice the ones we have already learnt. These activities happen during school hours. Apart from English and Hindi, we learn languages like Marathi, French which are beneficial to us when we travel to different places. Other interesting activities include physical education and art. This year we learned to do Tie and Dye and various other Indian arts.

In computers, our teacher shows us new learning sites like Story Board That, Code.org and many more. We have another computer activity called Mindbox. We learnt scratch programming in third grade and this year we are learning to edit pictures and other stuff using Coral Draw.

We have Sports Day and Annual Day annually. On Sports Day we have interhouse displays and races. I love the practice part the most! We have a theme-based Annual Day which is a mix of dance, theater, art, and all the students get to display their talents.

Our school also makes all of us socially aware and responsible. For example, our school had a drive to minimize the use of plastic. We had to give 10 plastic bags and the school gave us a cloth bag in return.

We also had a ZERO HUNGER week for which we had to donate food items at school. The food was then distributed among the needy.

In short, as the famous TV host, Conan O’Brien said-


Tanishka Sridhar – Grade 4
Student – BHIS Santacruz
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