World Literacy Day


By BHIS   clockSeptember 24, 2019   

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." – John Dewey.
With no boundaries and limitations, the only thing that can make you a diamond from coal is education. There is no power stronger than education and we should celebrate this day to spread its awareness. The reason why education is important is not only because it leads to employment however, it encourages to know human rights so that everyone can get what they deserve. Learning does not stop when we graduate: hopefully, it colours our everyday activities and is not limited by age or gender. Literacy not only has academic application, it also informs our consumer decisions, our job choices, and our decision making in democratic culture.

Literacy is important, and it makes us who we are. We can conclude that literacy is the most important part in our life, and everyone should get a chance to be educated.

Therefore, this day is celebrated to encourage people towards getting continuous education and understand their responsibility towards their family, society and their country.

Husein Hakim
Grade 7, BHIS Santacruz
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