Life Skills

To define, life skills are essential skills that help us harness our full potential to accomplish our ambitions and lead a better quality of life. The life skills list is not definitive, certain life skills may seem more relevant based on an individual’s life circumstances, age, geographic location, culture, etc. The life skills which might be relevant in the industrial age are no longer a life skill in the current conceptual age. So we turned towards WHO for the benchmarks and got a neat list of ten core life skills that are independent of age, gender, culture or geographic location.



Critical Thinking

Creative Thinking

Decision Making

Problem Solving

Effective Communication

Interpersonal Relationship

Coping With Stress

Coping With Emotion

What Does School Really Teach Children?

  • Truth come from authority
  • Intelligence is the ability to remember and repeat
  • Accurate memory and repetition are rewarded
  • Non-Compliance is punished
  • Conform: Intellectually and socially

In our race to create more and more people that fit into a mold, we have left so many aspects of human greatness untouched, especially in the schooling system. We need to relook at what we are teaching our kids if we want a better world that our children live in.

With this mission in mind, we have crafted the sort of school that will produce the next generation of strong and confident individuals. By combining emotional, physical and spiritual well being with a rigorous learning program we have created breakthrough results in our children’s education. An education that develops the whole child - academically, socially, emotionally and physically is the need of the hour.

In an era where 47% of existing employment being taken over by automation we know that the future belongs to the innovator. “the future forward” skills that will be valued such as imagination, entrepreneurship, negotiation, empathising storytelling, connecting, creativity and design are the new focal points of our latest (2016) curriculum. Aside from what is done through the curriculum, entrepreneurship is constantly encouraged throughout the schools in events like business baazigar.

Our culture- serving, honest, trusting, respectful, playful, joyous, loving, high expectations of self and others and constantly striving towards the highest benchmark and standards. The key question we all ask everyday (students, teachers, leadership) - who can i be today that makes me better than i was yesterday?

Armed with the core life skills, we embedded these in our curriculum throughout subjects across grades. Students are sensitised towards these core life skills implicitly through curriculum and directly through life skills module.