As part of our commitment to broadening children’s experience at school, we offer a full and dynamic program of co-curricular activities. We aim to meet the cultural, physical, aesthetic and intellectual needs of the children outside as well as inside the classroom. All children are encouraged to join this program.

The following activities have regularly been offered during the course of the academic year: art, chess, calligraphy, photography, storytelling, debating, design and technology, drama, dance, music and outdoor education.


Fundamental to our ethos is a belief in the importance of developing pupil’s enjoyment and excitement about their subjects by providing opportunities for them to discover and explore their own interests and passions.

We, therefore, encourage them to meet exacting challenges to take advantage of the abundant opportunities here to develop their abilities; to try new and different activities; to debate, discuss and engage with every aspect of their education.

The curriculum here is broad and is subject to constant review as we anticipate and respond to changing educational needs.

Ours is truly an exceptional education… where students in senior school would leave us not just with excellent qualifications, but also as articulate, capable and confident young adults possessing the self-esteem, intellectual curiosity and passion for learning and understanding that will endure for life.