OUR Leaders

Our faculty is well-equipped to handle the academic requirements of your child along with helping them realize their true potential and guiding them towards a thriving future. With our experienced leadership setting the course of our students’ education, we are confident that each of our learners will be prepared for a flourishing future.


Our educators are our torchbearers who bring ‘Thoughtful Schooling’ to life and nurture every Billabonger into bold, confident young adults, ready to face the world!
Educators are the torchbearers, the ones who transform a school into ‘The School of Thought’. At Billabong High International School, they undergo a thorough screening process before their in-house training, which helps them bring ‘thoughtful schooling’ to life. Along with our learners, our teachers are encouraged to be innovative in their approach towards guiding and mentoring students in learning and up-skilling.

Our educators are:

  • iconOpen-minded
  • iconResearch oriented
  • iconCreative thinkers
  • iconHave cultural dexterity
  • iconEmpathic
  • iconSkilled in delivering new-age pedagogy
  • iconCertified subject matter experts
Impact for Life


Rethinking learning begins by rethinking the recruitment of talent. Educators leave a lasting impact on students’ life, igniting the will and desire for learning endlessly. We are cognizant of this and leave no stone unturned to ensure that we only spot, assess and handpick only the cream of the teaching fraternity. This is the reason why across our wide network of schools, our teachers are our pride.


Superior quality is our goal, the right training will take us there. We have dedicated training modules for new teachers assessing and imparting them with a range of capabilities, including those based on teaching-learning strategies as well as activities that promote the various domains of development in school and beyond.


When we upgrade a teacher, we upgrade each learner. Knowing how closely linked each child’s learning is to each other, we take our responsibility to upgrade each teacher very seriously. We have a slew of skill enhancement opportunities for each teacher so that they can take themselves one notch above, and contribute to our network’s global standards of teaching.


Because rewards are the sweet fruits of hard work. We understand the challenges they face every day and that is why we are driven to reward them wholeheartedly. We believe it is not only something that they deserve for the way they push their boundaries but also serves as an encouragement.


Planning for Admission or Assistance