Why Study Biology & Why is Biology Important?


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All living and non-living organisms are a matter of wonder. Let us introspect about our own bodies. Every breath you take is a mystery. Think about your child’s newborn phase. How far has the child come? How easily do children hit their milestones? What makes them do it? These all pose mysteries before us.

Biology, the branch of natural science, gives answers to all these mysteries. To study biology is to study life. Every human being is part of biology. When we study biology, we are studying about ourselves. Biology meaning in science, is a branch of science that deals with living organisms and their vital processes.

Introduction to Biology

Biology definition in science — bio means life, and ‘-ology’ means “study of.” Hence, the word biology means” the study of life.” It is the study of organisms and their interactions with each other and nature. Biology is a large and wide area due to the vast number of species existing on the earth. The branch is evolving, and each day, new findings are added to the page.

For the convenience of study, Biology is subdivided into different branches. Botany deals with the study of plants, and Zoology deals with the study of animals. Anatomy, biochemistry, ecology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, and physiology are the main branches of biology. Biology forms the foundation of professions like medicine, veterinary medicine, nursing, dentistry, pharmacology, and more.

Importance of biology

Biology not only deals with high-end inventions, but it also gives your child the idea of basics. Let us look into the importance of biology as a subject in detail:

  • Helps to understand nature
  • Biology makes us aware of various organs and functions of plants and animals around us. For example, the process of photosynthesis can make our children curious. the silent processes happening around us can set our children’s minds in awe. Boosting this curiosity can trigger their mind.

  • Learn about the human body
  • In school, children learn about the organs of the human body and their functions. This gives them a new insight into their own body. The nutrition needed for the healthy development of the body is stated in the textbooks. This can make the child mindful about the food they consume. The importance of home-cooked meals over junk foods is stated with the explanation.

  • Students get an idea about prominent diseases
  • Through the subject, students get to know different diseases that are caused by deficiencies, infections, and chromosomal imbalances. This helps them in the long run. This makes the students aware of the cleanliness they have to maintain to prevent infections, the importance of a balanced diet in their food, etc. Through the subject knowledge, they get a wholesome idea of exercise, healthy eating habits, etc.

  • Helps to eradicate superstitious beliefs related to the human body
  • Scientific knowledge about the human body and life helps to eradicate superstitious beliefs. Students get to understand the facts related to life. For example, for a long time, the birth of a girl child was not so welcoming in society. Mothers were blamed for the birth of a girl baby. Biology proves that no one can be blamed for the birth of babies, irrespective of gender. Both parents are equally responsible for the birth of the precious life. Biological differences have nothing to do with the achievements one can attain.

Career opportunities for learning biology

Studying biology opens endless career opportunities for students. The fields that a biology graduate can choose from range from being a biology teacher to a Doctor. Given below are a few emerging career options.

  • Research: students who like to to hands-on experiments in labs and fields can chose the field of research.
  • Microbiologist: Students with analytical skills and attention to detail can be a microbiologist. Scientific knowledge should be taken into consideration when choosing this career.
  • Biotechnology: Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary field that includes the application of biology, chemistry, and engineering. With exceptional laboratory skills coupled with analytical and critical thinking skills, one can excel in the field.
  • Forensic Scientist: If your child wants to be in an adventurous career field, forensic is a career option to ponder about. It requires deductive reasoning skills with a mind to devote attention to detail. This is a prerequisite for a forensic scientist.
  • Geneticist: A geneticist deals with the studies and mutations that happen to genes. Heredity and the related characteristics of living organisms are also considered. With the newly found genetic disorders around, this creates a vast scope for the pursuers.

Fields of biology and related career opportunities are vast. It is not restricted to the above-mentioned.  It includes Marine biologists, pharmacists, Environmental Scientists, Food Scientists, botanists, zoologists, Plant biochemists, Farming/ agriculture consultants, and so on.

Studying life around is always fascinating. Biology meaning in science and biology definition in science help us understand the importance of biology as a subject. Let the children know it’s important and learn to love its vastness. When biology is approached just as a subject to gain marks, it might be felt as a burden for the children. Let them love and learn it. The career opportunities awaiting them are numerous if they have the right skills to explore.

At Billabong High International School, we try to adopt such learning approaches that will make the students love the subjects and the topics. With qualified educators, we ensure that students get a deeper understanding of each subject in the curriculum. To learn more about our education approach, contact us today!

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