5 Ideas for Better Sleep

01/01/2020 12:52 AM IST

Our fast-paced lives and the continuous exposure to various screens have created a whole lot of health issues. One of the most common issues is lack of sleep. Majority of the youth today deal with insomnia. There are various reasons for lack of sleep and some of the common factors are:


When we were kids there no concept of a 'mobile phone' as a device for fun and leisure. Some of us didn't even have the landline at home. Most of the children in the 80's and early 90's were introduced to mobile phones only in college. However today, the mobile phone is the most easily available and accessible device. It has turned from a luxury into a necessity and is owned by persons across age groups. With a huge population of young millennial parents today's children are born around it and it is almost like they know how to use the mobile faster than any of us adults! With the over exposure of the mobile and it's easy access, there is also an increasing fear in terms of ensuring our children are using this correctly - in terms of content being accessed etc. Here are a few mobile safety tips for kids

We may have spent many years in school, and through our personal experience we all know that going to high school is a completely different ball game v/s preschool or middle school. High school years are impressionable and go a long way in building or breaking a child's personality. They are going through major physical and emotional changes, they are exploring themselves, their thinking process is changing and they are also trying to define who they are and what they stand for. The experience of moving from middle school to High School can be daunting for various reasons. However the right kind of support and guidance from the community can make this an uplifting and memorable phase!
If parents and teachers support children along the way and have the right kind of conversations at the right time, then adjusting to life in High School will definitely be easier.

Quality education is the need of the hour. Parents have finally started giving more and more importance to education. No more is it ok for children to drop out of school, on a general basis a minimum educational requirement is graduation. With the rising competition and the demand for good schools investing in a high school is one of the viable options.


Children are born with a lot of energy and they need direction at all times on how to use it. As children, our parents left us and most of the time we were found outside playing outdoor games like catch and cook, cricket, flying discs, badminton and more because they understood the importance of outdoor play. Parents needed to literally pull children back home at night for them to clean up and have dinner. However today times have changed and children spend a lot of time indoors. Thanks to technology, children have access to a lot of electronic devices and tend to prefer spending time on the computer, tab or gaming cosole. This has increased anxiety among parents, towards the attachment that children are building towards technology from an early age.

Importance of Life Skills

03/01/2020 8:08 PM IST

Do learning life skills really help?
Does it lead to any change in an individual's life?
Will it help my child?
These are frequent questions asked by parents & students.

Ms. Upasana -
Teacher BHIS Santacruz