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If you are passionate about leaving behind a legacy in the education space here is your chance to join hands with the Best International School Brand in India – Billabong High International School.


Our 360 Degree Management Support System

    Pre-launch Support of Management

  • Site identification & evaluation
  • Legal documentation
  • Agreements
  • Market Survey guidance

    During-Launch Support of Management

  • Blue Book - Infrastructure Designs/Floor Plan
  • Recruitment of coordinator
  • Facilitate the marketing and admissions process
  • HR Support - Recruitment & Appraisals Retention
  • IT Support and Student Essentials

    Post-launch Support of Management

  • Training
  • Marketing support
  • Enrolment support
  • Operational Support
  • Third Party Classes

Asia's Most Trusted Brand


Will you manage the school after the setup?
The BHIS team will be involved in helping you set up the school, once the school is setup we would have a team of Key Accounts Managers who will help you in certain activities.
What will the school be named as?
The school will be under the banner of Billabong High International School.
What board is the school affiliated to?
What will be the returns from the Billabong High International School?
Based on the location the Sales Manager can suggest a ROI for that location
How much time will be needed to setup the school?
If you have the land in place it typically it takes between 8-10 months to setup a school
What kind of equipments you will provide?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer As part of the plan the kit needs to be purchased from us. If there is any other equipment you require our new ventures team will share the details of our company vendors.
What are the enrolment seasons for school?
It varies for different boards; once you have decided the board you want to pick we can discuss the same.
How much royalty and association fees do you charge?
For setting up a school you would require a budget of 25 Cr depending on the location, most of the money will be spent on creating the school building and infrastructure.
Is franchise fee refundable?
No the association fees are not refundable.
What you will offer against so much of franchise fee?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
How are you different from competitors?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
Why do you need 25 crore investment for starting school?
The major cost is construction as there has to be almost 1, 00,000 sqft of construction. We can discuss the detailed workings of the project when you meet in person with our Sales Manager.
What do you mean by societies?
For setting up school you need to form either trust/society or section 25 company. We will guide you society or trust formation.
What is the maximum number of students in one class and till what class?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
What are the requirements for starting a school?
The basic requirements to start a Billabong High International School are, an investment of 25 crores spread over a period over 5 years and ideally 2-4 acres of Land.
Who will take care of legal approvals?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
What is the process to get CBSE affiliation?
We will guide the you through the entire affiliation procedure by providing necessary knowhow, guidelines and consultancy.
What is the procedure to form a trust?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
What are the state level regulations on starting a school fee and other charges?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
When will the project breakeven?
For this you would need to speak to our Sales manager who could provide you with a detailed answer.
What are the expenses other than the building and furniture?
Other than building and furniture, other expenses are manpower, marketing, transportation, association fees, necessary legal duties and fees & administrative costs.

“Education is the foundation of all personal and social improvement and to make it available to others is one of the greatest gifts.” - Dalai Lama

Are you looking for building a business which gives good returns and simultaneously creates leaders of tomorrow by imparting world-class school education? Here’s a fabulous Primary & High School franchise opportunity. Now you can build your own legacy and also build the nation’s future by partnering with Billabong High International School. Billabong High International School imparts IGCSE and CBSE Board curriculum, which is highly popular among parents looking for quality education for their children. When you select Billabong High International School as your IGCSE & CBSE school franchise partner, you will embark on a profitable entrepreneurial journey that will give you increasing dividends every year. Based on the location and market survey, our Sales Manager will share the optimum Return On Investment for the particular location. We are Asia’s most trusted brand in the international education, and India’s leading international school franchisewith more than 110 schools running successfully in 40 cities across more than 5 countries. Till date, more than 100,000 children have received world-class

Billabong High International School exists to unearth and hone each child’s personal potential, so they can be a happy and fulfilled individual who will positively impact the world. We provide children with a safe and encouraging environment for building their self-esteem, so that they feel free to successfully aim for their dreams. It is here that children truly find their guiding North Star. Billabong students approach life with a positive frame of mind and confidently embrace any situation with tenacity. During the child’s formative academic years, we focus on developing live projects which involve extensive online and offline research and foster an environment which encourages students to confidently hypothesise, question and analyse. What guides our endeavour is moulding the overall development of the child. Every grade works as foundation to the next grade, and the curriculum of every grade is formulated accordingly for gradually shaping the child’s perspective for seamlessly adapting to the changing curriculum. With Billabong High International School, business partners stand to gain the respect and recognition awarded to educational institutions, along with the commercial returns on their investment. We assure this by providing each school with end-to-end advisory and management services, which makes daily operations an absolute breeze for the franchisee. Billabong High International School is India’s fastest growing CBSE, IGCSE and International school franchise network.

By partnering the best international school franchise in India, you will get access to 360 degree support in all the 3 stages of your business. In the Pre-launch phase, we will undertake complete market survey of business potential, site identification, process all legal documentation and draft and register all agreements.During the launch of your school, we will give you the complete plan of the school building, assist you with recruitment of coordinators, conceptualize and execute the marketing and admissions process, provided end-to-end HR support for recruitment and retention and deliver all Student essentials, which includes books of the entire of the entire syllabus, stationery, school uniforms and extra-curricular related collateral. Once your school is successfully launched and in operation, we will provide complete training, give full marketing, enrolment and operational support.The exhaustive and systematic teacher training is conducted section wise, for enabling them to successfully address the teaching challenges of each section. When you become the franchise partner India’s fastest growing Primary and High School Franchise which teaches the IGCSE and CBSEcurriculum, rest assured you are on your way towards fulfilling your entrepreneurial dream.

For setting up a school, it is mandatory to form either a trust, society or section 25 company. Our Project Manager will provide complete guidance on every step. The minimum requirement for becoming a franchise partnerIndia’s leading Primary and High School is possession of 4 acres of land and an investment of Rs.25 Crores. Apart from building and furniture, the other expenses are manpower, marketing transportation, association fees, necessary legal duties and fees and administrative costs. After the land is finalised and in possession, it typically takes between 8 to 10 months to set up the school. The BHIS team will be actively involved in helping you set up the school. Once the school is set up, a team of Key Accounts Managers will help you in certain activities. For getting affiliated to CBSE Board, we will guide you through the entire affiliation procedure by providing the necessary knowhow, guidelines and consultancy.

The course structure of CBSE Board is designed in such a manner that students do not face pressure, by making the syllabus textbooks interesting and attractive. Chapters include fun activities which help students learn in a playful manner. CBSE students do not need to learn by rote. The exam papers are designed to test how much the students have actually learnt from the entire learning process. Apart from imparting quality education, CBSE education also ensures holistic mental and physical growth of the student. Billabong High International Schoolis India’s leading CBSE school franchise.

The IGCSE curriculum gives students 3 particular skills; the ability to analyse, the ability to synthesize and the ability to communicate. Cambridge learners are confident of working with information and ideas and are ready to take intellectual risks. The international curriculum of Billabong High International School, India’s leading international school, provides world-class education while also valuing and nurturing the student’s cultural and linguistic identities.

Budding entrepreneurs like you made their decision of associating with India’s foremost International, IGCSE & CBSE School, and are now reaping the commercial and social benefits of their decision. We invite you to become a part of our growing family and make your mark in the fast growing business category of providing quality educational services to children of discerning families. All across India’s metros and smaller cities, the awareness and financial capability of giving premium quality international education is growing rapidly.

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