Important Safety Rules You Should Teach Your Kids


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Your child is a blooming bud, shining bright with everlasting energy, whose innocent smile makes your day. They could be quite persistent in exploring this brave new world. Well, this could technically be the yard at the back of your house or the park across the street, but then just look at them! How tiny they are with their tiny little fingers and squeaky little voices! Ideally, the best piece of advice would be to accompany them everywhere, but that might not always be possible. 

As they grow up, you have to let them go. Your little owlets are not little anymore. They now have to explore the new world, this time for real. It is a harsh reality, but it imposes a lot of responsibility on you as a parent. You must prepare your child for that day, and the best way would be to start with some ground rules. These rules will ensure their safety while you are not around. These rules will be deeply ingrained in their minds even when they grow up. Today, let’s look at some of these safety rules

What Are Safety Rules?

Safety rules are like guidelines that your child must follow while navigating through their surroundings without you. It ensures that your little tiger is not hurt anyhow while prowling through the playground or does not end up in any dangerous situations. 

Importance Of Safety Rules

Safety rules help children confront difficult situations. It helps them to judge dangerous situations and take necessary steps to escape them, like never taking candy from a stranger. It helps them avoid fights and gives them the confidence to walk and talk outdoors. Above all, these safety rules, when followed properly, ensure that your child is protected when you are not around.

10 Safety Rules To Be Followed

Here are some suggestions that you might consider while devising the perfect safety plan for your kid.

  1. Be careful while crossing the road:
  2. There is no harm in crossing the road if you follow the traffic rules. Teach your kid about the traffic lights and what must be done under each of those lights. Red means to stop and wait for the cars to go through the road, yellow means to prepare to cross the road, and green means to cross the road before it again turns red. However, it is always advised not to be hasty or too slow while crossing the road. It is always good to
    look on both sides to check for any approaching vehicles. If there are none, then only proceed to cross the road. This is one of the most important
    road safety rules that must be followed.

  3. Don’t talk to strangers:
  4. Unless you are Dr. Strange, do not try to assume the real intentions of people by just looking at their outward smiles. You never know what they are thinking. Especially if a stranger offers you chocolate or candy, you will just say no and leave the spot immediately. This also applies to people you know unless any one of your parents is accompanying them.

  5. Remember a few details:
  6. Teach your child to properly recall home addresses, names of parents and their phone numbers, and emergency numbers like police and ambulance. This will help them relocate their home if they are confused. It is always better to approach a policeman for help than a common civilian.

  7. Avoid disturbing animals:
  8. Teach your child kindness and to avoid messing with animals. Teach them that it is wrong to throw stones at stray dogs and cats just for fun. Animals don’t forget who did them wrong; if your kid behaves kindly with them, they will remember that, too. This will also be a lesson in empathy for your kids.

  9. Avoid touching unidentified objects:
  10. Kids could be fascinated by unknown objects and proceed to touch them. Such an object could hurt your kid, especially if it is hot or something that your child is allergic to.

  11. Never open the door to strangers:
  12. Teach your kids to never open the door to a stranger, no matter how hard he tries to convince them. They should be resolute and not open the door to any stranger, even if he claims to be your parents’ friend. 

  13. Avoid going out of the school premises:
  14. Ask your child to stay on the school premises after school until the bus arrives or you come to pick them up. They should not leave with anyone, even known people.

  15. Avoid climbing fences:
  16. No matter how adventurous it is, forbid your children to climb fences. They may plan to climb Everest when they grow up, but not the fence!

  17. Educate them about good touch and bad touch:
  18. A bad touch will make them uncomfortable. Make sure your kids know that and what they should do if it happens.

Safety rules are aimed at protecting your child from avoidable dangers. Still, after that, you never know when trouble arises uninvited. The best would be to keep your eyes and ears open to the happenings around you. The safety rules at home aim to increase your kids’ awareness of such things. It helps them to judge situations and make proper decisions. 

Teaching safety rules is the responsibility of every parent, but it can be tricky at times. That is when you might consider enlisting professional help. Speaking of which, have you heard about Billabong High International School? We employ the best teaching staff who are trained to teach your kid about all these aspects. Contact us today to know more.

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