By BHIS   clockSeptember 24, 2019   

First and foremost, the BHISMUN in itself is a big deal and I mean a really big deal. The first-ever MUN Billabong has ever put up and believe me when I say, it was a good one. They'd managed to perfectly balance fun and work I'll admit that the food may have not been perfect, but when is it ever?

The event started with a bang, BHIS Malad's band welcoming all the delegates with classic rock. They ended with a song called, 'another brick in the wall.' Which, for the debate on our educational system, couldn't have been more suitable. The crowd went wild and our esteemed guests stepped on to stage for a friendly little debate.

After the opening ceremony, came the real event. The delegates fought hard for their countries. This MUN, even though it may not be completely real, was treated like reality. The delegates were serious, and you could tell from the way the committee began. At the end of the day, all the committees managed to pass a resolution.

What did we learn from this? We learned about the reality of this world. The way to move forward and what holds us back. Our mistakes and their consequences. The power our voice holds. That's what the BHISMUN taught me. That's what I'll take with me.

Student : Vihaan Shilov
Grade 9, BHIS Santacruz

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