Easy Exercises for Teens


By BHIS   clockJuly 6, 2020   

Experts advise some form of physical activity to all age groups as physical exercise is a key to leading a healthy and active life. Physical exercise not only helps in leading a physically active life, but it also helps in maintaining mental health. Experts advise teens specifically to exercise for 60 mins every day as they are at an age where things are changing for them physically and mentally and being physically active helps teens to cope with these changes. It could be any activity like running, walking, cycling, playing a sport, dancing or swimming.

Let’s look at a few easy exercises for teens:

1. Walking: walking for 60 mins is the easiest form of exercise. You can add difficulty to this by walking on an incline around your vicinity or alternating between running and walking.

2. Aerobics or dance: teens who are interested in dance forms can pick on learning the dance form they like or just go for an aerobic class. This will be the ideal kind of physical activity as it will help in keeping fit and you will also learn a new form of dance or enjoy what you like doing best which is moving to music.

3. Consider practicing yoga: yoga is an ancient form of exercise. It is a practice that focuses on flexibility, breathing, and physical movement, all of this while also helping your mind stay calmer and more focused. Experts advise all age groups to learn yoga – the long term mental and physical benefits of yoga are immense.

4. Go for treks: if your teen enjoys exploring new places and like climbing up hills, then go for regular treks.

5. Cycling: cycling is another great form of cardio exercise. It is easy and effective as well. Cycling in the society or in public parks (safe areas) is recommended.

6. Swimming: swimming is another physical activity that is a widely suggested form of exercise. Along with bringing in a sense of lightness and calmness, it also helps in toning your body and building muscles.

Our high-paced lifestyles at times do not leave time for exercise and if your teen has a very tight schedule and is unable to make time for physical exercise, we recommend simple no-equipment exercises that can also help.

These are the simplest ones that your teen can look at incorporating in their routine:
1. Squats
2. Skipping
3. Planks
4. Bicycle crunches
5. Side planks
6. Bend and kick back
7. Sidekicks
8. Dips
9. Lunges
10. Leg Stretches
11. Backbends
12. Sumo squats
13. Superman lifts
14. Wall push-ups
15. Sit-ups
16. Push-ups

These are some simple exercises and your teen can incorporate into their exercise regime. They can pick on the exercises they are comfortable doing and repeat the sets depending on their stamina. However, one simple but essential aspect to bear in mind is – when your teen exercises at home, it is important to warm up before they start their regime and to cool down before they finish exercising. In case your teen is a little apprehensive about exercising daily talk to them and explain the importance of the same in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and generating a ‘feel good’ factor for themselves through the ‘drenaline rush’ that will be generated by exercising.

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