All You Need to Know About Child Rights And Its Importance


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In the modern world, knowing what are the rights of a child is not only necessary but important. These rights include every aspect of a child’s welfare. It consists of the rights to healthcare, education, and protection from harm and exploitation. They provide a global law protecting children’s growth and dignity. Every child in this world can have a better future if everyone follows the Child Rights. This will, in turn, create a better world for us to live in. 

Child rights are important because they help shape the future. It empowers and promotes healthy generations and maintains the values of justice and equality. This article will explore the importance of Child Rights. It will highlight the non-negotiable nature of protecting them and their huge impact on society.

History of Child Rights

The Juvenile Justice Act was passed in 1986. It focused on the protection and treatment of young offenders and set an example. To address some problems, like child labor, trafficking, and abuse, the Indian government launched the Integrated Child Protection Scheme in 2005. Children from six to fourteen will get free education under the Right to Education Act of 2009. The dedication to the whole development of children was back in the National Policy for Children in 2015. The legislative foundation for juvenile justice was reinforced in 2015 by the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act.

What are the Rights of a Child

The basic rights of children, which are written in the Constitution and are inspired by ideals that are recognised globally, guarantee that the children of India be raised in a secure environment. They are nurturing and empowering. Let’s see what are the 10 rights of a child:

  • Right to Survival
  • No matter what their gender or social status is, all children have the right to survive. They have the right to be born and to receive care. This right focuses on how important it is for young children to have a healthy diet, access to healthcare, and a secure environment for them to develop to the fullest level possible.

  • Right to Education
  • The foundation of a child’s growth is their right to an education. It guarantees that every kid in India has access to a high-quality education. It allows them to pursue their passions, learn new things, and prepare for a better future. This right is an effective means of ending the poverty cycle and guaranteeing educated people.

  • Right to Protection
  • The safety of children is very important. India’s Child Protection Act ensures the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of children. It protects them from exploitation and abuse. It is by solving problems like child labour, human trafficking, and the reasons behind child marriage that this right makes the world a safer place where all children may grow and succeed.

  • Right to Participation
  • Children are not only inactive receivers. They are also active players in society. Every young person should have a place to express their thoughts, feelings, and worries. Promoting their involvement in the decision-making process from an early age builds a feeling of duty and participation in society.

  • Right to Development
  • Childhood is a time of fast growth and change. This right shows how important it is to guarantee that all children have access to opportunities that support their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, as well as proper food and healthcare.

  • Right to Health
  • A kid’s development depends heavily on their health. This right includes access to hygienic facilities, vaccines, and proper treatment. It is to protect children from sickness and to enhance their general well-being.

  • Right to Identity
  • All children have the right to a name and nationality as part of their identity. It is necessary to register a birth in order to get legal recognition as well as important services and benefits.

  • Right to Expression
  • Kids are naturally creative and explorers. With the support of this right, children may freely express their ideas, thoughts, and creativity without fear.

  • Right against Discrimination
  • In a fair society, discrimination on the basis of gender, caste, religion, or any other basis is wrong. With the support of this right, all children will get equitable treatment regardless of their background. It will help them to achieve their full potential.

  • Right to a Safe Environment
  • The environment in which a child grows shapes their future. In order to make sure that future generations have a world that supports their well-being, this right highlights the need for a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

Importance of Child Rights

Child rights should be followed by each and every one. It is very important as it affects the society as a whole. Below are some reasons why child rights are important:

  • Children are Individuals
  • Children have the same status as other members of the human family. They are not the property of their parents, the state, or just people-to-be.

  • Actions Impact Children
  • Children are impacted by almost every aspect of government policy, including public health and education. Policymaking that lacks long-term vision and rejects children harms the future of everyone in society.

  • Future of the Society
  • Children are more prone than adults to bad living situations such as poverty, poor health care, poor nutrition, unsafe water, poor housing, and environmental pollution since they are still growing. Children’s futures and, by extension, the futures of the society in which they reside are at risk of the effects of sickness, starvation, and poverty.

To guarantee each kid’s safety, growth, and well-being, knowing what are the rights of a child is important. They cover a wide variety of rights, such as freedom from exploitation, healthcare, education, and a supportive environment. It is important to know and protect these rights to promote a fair and just society in which every kid may succeed. Billabong High International School is dedicated to using a complete method of teaching to promote children’s rights. To learn more about our curriculum, contact us today.

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