Why a School Education is Important for Every Child


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What role does a school play in a child’s life? As your kid grows, they might spend anywhere between 6 to 9 hours in school every day. School is where your child will grow, play, make friends, and gain essential life skills. Thus, the importance of school in a child’s life cannot be overstated. In this blog, we look at the importance of school education. We will examine what makes having a school life so essential during our formative years. 

Read further to know what makes school so essential. To begin with, let us look at the importance of school life in a child’s all-round development.

Importance of School Education

In school, a child learns holistically from both teachers and peers. Let us look at the different roles a school has in a child’s all-round development. Through this, we can appreciate the importance of school for a child.

  1. Academic Development
  2. The primary function of a school is to provide a well-structured curriculum for the academic development of a child. Schools offer various courses so that your child develops their cognitive ability. These courses include subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, and Languages. 

    Schools also offer various co-curricular activities like sports, art and quizzes. Learners grow in confidence and self-esteem by taking part in competitions and by learning alongside their peers. Thus, the importance of school education is apparent to anyone who’s experienced this transformation for themselves.

  3. Social Development
  4. Schools are also responsible for the social development of a child. In schools, children learn to appreciate and respect diverse cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs. Thus, the importance of schools in building a tolerant and equal society is immense.

    In schools, kids also learn qualities like leadership, teamwork and cooperation. These are essential life skills for their future career and professional growth. Kids possessing these soft skills often have an edge over their peers.

  5. Emotional Development
  6. Schools are important for the emotional development of a child. Schools provide a safe space for kids to be themselves and grow to their fullest potential. Teachers are trained to create an environment where every child feels included. Most schools also provide counselling for learners who are dealing with feelings of exclusion or facing emotional stress. 

    Thus, the importance of school life cannot be compensated in any other manner. Your child will learn to be more empathetic and emotionally mature more effectively in a school environment. 

  7. Physical Development
  8. The importance of school for a child is also reflected in the child’s physical growth. Schools offer a place for kids to play together. They also have courses in physical education and allow learners to form teams to play sports together. These elements of school life contribute to the physical development of a child. Children learn essential skills like teamwork, leadership and the emotional maturity to deal with failure by playing sports. Thus, the importance of school education for a child’s physical and emotional growth is unparalleled.

  9. Career Development
  10. Schools play a role in the career development of a child. Through career counselling and guidance, schools educate learners on the various career paths that exist. They provide learners with resources and guidance to make informed choices about their careers.

    Some schools also provide vocational courses to equip learners with skills that they might need professionally. These skills help learners become ready for the job market. Thus, the importance of schools in a child’s career development is massive.

Thus, schools are immensely important for the academic, social, emotional, physical and career growth of a child. Next, we will take a look at some specific ways in which schools help kids as they grow up.

Importance of School Life for a Kid

The school is often the place where kids learn to work with others and find a social life for the first time. Thus, the importance of school life for a child is incomparable. Here are some specific ways in which schools foster the all-round growth of a child.

  1. Schools Shape Character
  2. Schools shape the character of learners, both directly and indirectly. Through moral education, schools inculcate civic responsibilities and good qualities like honesty and respect in learners. Schools help in creating a tolerant society. Thus, the importance of schools in nation-building cannot be overstated either.

  3. Schools Provide Enduring Friendships
  4. Kids make lifelong friends at school. Through shared experiences and by learning together, kids begin to understand the importance of having a social life. By creating an environment where kids can play and learn with peers their age, schools provide kids with a lifelong network to leverage and fall back upon.

  5. Schools Foster Respect towards Different Cultures
  6. In schools, children are exposed to different cultures, backgrounds, and viewpoints. They learn to be tolerant of other cultures and are encouraged to be more open to people whom they perceive as “different.” By celebrating festivals of a diverse range of cultures, children learn to celebrate their identities and differences. This empowers them to truly become global citizens once they grow up.

  7. Economic Success
  8. A major factor in life is one’s level of economic success. A good school education can empower your child to become financially stable. By equipping learners with skills essential for employability, schools are now focusing more on economically empowering learners. Through courses in financial literacy, schools are now paying even more attention to making sure that their learners gain the skills required for doing well financially.  

Thus, the importance of school education is incomparable. If you want your kids to gain a good school education with holistic development, look no further than Billabong International School. Our curriculum ensures the overall development of the students. For more information, contact us today.

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