What is the Importance of Physical Education in Schools?


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An idle body is a disease’s workshop! A good exercise regimen is of utmost importance for the holistic development of your child. A good exercise schedule is essential to avoid unnecessary fat build-up and keep your child happy and healthy. But then there are several different types of exercises and regimens, which one should you go for? Not all exercise would be suitable for your toddler and performing some might even be risky. This is exactly where a good knowledge of physical education comes in handy. It also educates your child about the significance of exercising daily. Considering the enormous impact of schools on a child’s life, physical education is a compulsory subject that has to be implemented in all schools. Let us know about the importance of physical education in schools.

What is physical education?

Before proceeding with the importance of physical education in schools, it would be best to get an overview of what physical education is and we have you covered. Physical education is not just playing games, but it extends beyond the playground. It appraises you of the various rules in games and fast aid techniques if someone gets hurt in the field. It informs about the various body muscles and their mechanics. In a nutshell, it explains the science behind playing games.

Benefits of Physical Education at Schools

Implementing a well-researched physical education curriculum at school has several underlying benefits:

  • Increases health awareness: Physical education imparts your kid with valuable knowledge in the arena of health science. Apart from discussing the various rules of the playground it also emphasises the importance of exercise on health. Thus, your child becomes well-informed about the various health aspects. Such children have higher chances of growing up into health-conscious individuals leading healthy lives and promoting healthy ways of life. 
  • Promotes camaraderie: India is a country known for its diverse culture and groups of people belonging to various sects and religions. Sports is a common cause that brings children together irrespective of their caste, creed, or religion. This bestows and feeling of brotherhood and mutual trust among them. The strongest of the bonds are forged on the football grounds that will put Amar Akbar and Anthony to shame! As the dust of the playground soils the hands and feet of every kid running around, sports help eradicate narrow-mindedness and discrimination.
  • Improves problem-solving ability: Sports train a child to strategize and approach a problem to solve it. While physical education imparts the proper knowledge of the rules, your child will learn to win the game by innovating a strategy while playing by the rules.
  • Improves brain functions: Learning to play a game by its rules sets an order that trains the brain to work in an orderly fashion. Studies have shown that sports and exercises increase the production of neurotransmitters, improve decision-making skills, promote the growth of neuronal cells, improve memory, and enhance attention spans.
  • Building new leaders of the ground: Sports help forge new leaders. While physical education provides these young leaders with the necessary knowledge of the game. This is very important for what is a leader without his knowledge of how things should run! 
  • Improving the academic records: Sports keep your child active throughout the day. As already discussed, it improves his concentration and helps him focus throughout the day. By paying close attention to everything that is being said, he easily aces every lesson. All of this will help him achieve better grades in the class.
  • Alleviates stress: Games and exercise are a great stress buster! Exercising or playing regularly will help your kid take his/her mind off from the daily academic pressure. This will reduce the stress, and anxiety of assignments and exams and promote an overall mental well-being. Taking part in sports will also increase his/her resilience. Several studies have pointed out that rigorous exercise and sports release a chemical in the brain called “Dopamine” that improves mood.
  • Develop interpersonal skills: While playing in the fields your child will interact will all other fellow players. They will all cooperate and coordinate to achieve their win. This will involve some serious interactions and will increase their interpersonal skills.
  • Fosters discipline in young minds: Physical education lays down the rules of the games. In the playground, every player must follow the rules or risk having a foul for the team. Thus, for someone’s mistake, the entire team will have to suffer. Therefore, the stakes are high. This kind of scenario tries to bestow a sense of responsibility in your kid as he/she is exposed to wrong actions and their consequences. Thus, he/she is encouraged to be disciplined and not reckless. 
  • Physical development: Sports and exercise catalyse proper body development. It improves the bone density and enhances the growth. Regular outdoor games or exercise will make your child stronger with time. It will improve his/her muscle mass and stamina and prepare them for the hardcore real world.
  • Is a great source of fun and refreshment: Outdoor games or exercise are fun activities that break the monotony of schools and the boringness of class lectures. It makes your child charged up for the day and keeps them smiling.

Physical education plays a very significant role in the overall development of a child. In this fast-paced world where every child is burdened with academic pressures and competitive exams, it is necessary to vent out stress time and again. From that point of view, the importance of physical education in schools can no longer be ignored. You must have heard the old proverb, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Speaking of which, have you heard about Billabong High International School? There they have a well-laid curriculum in physical education to enhance the overall development of your child. Contact today to learn more about them.

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