Top Three Obstacles Encountered By Early Childhood Education


By BHIS   clockMay 6, 2024   

Childhood is the phase of life when an individual experiences rapid body and brain development. In light of all these developments, it is the best phase for any good training be it nurturing good habits or having a good schooling. But a child’s innocent mind is new to this world where every experience is a new experience. Therefore, special care must be taken while teaching them lest they misinterpret things. Such endeavours require constant supervision, kindness and delicate training. Challenging as it may seem, it is also rewarding to see your toddler grow into someone who can make you proud. However, this path has its obstacles. Today we will discuss three of the most common such problems you might encounter during early childhood education.

Three Major Problems During Early Childhood Education

The following are three major challenges in early childhood education:

  1. Inadequate funding: A common problem in a developing country like India is the lack of proper infrastructure and funding for early childhood education. As a result, the teachers are often undertrained, and the schools lack modern technology to make learning easier. A direct impact of this shortcoming is lower cognitive development of children and a low learning rate. Such children, especially from the rural sector, are significantly backwards compared to those who get easy access to a strong education system. 
  2. Requirement of diverse teaching strategies: Every child is unique and encounters unique problems while learning a new thing. The teacher must give individual attention to every child in the class. However, the classes are overcrowded in several places, and the teacher often needs to deal with many students. In such cases keeping all the students quiet in the class becomes a challenge let alone giving them all individual attention. Setting the class back in order consumes a lot of time that could have been utilized in teaching the student and contributing to their early childhood education.
  3. Involvement of parents: Parental involvement is one of the most significant aspects which has the strongest influence on the child’s education system. This is influenced by the socio-economic background of the child, the education level of the parents, how often they interact with their children and the family environment at home. Children in households suffering from domestic abuse usually experience a lot of trouble in education as they are themselves traumatised. Therefore, such instances must be avoided at all costs.

Solutions to these problems

  1. Increased investments: This problem could be solved by increasing investment in the child education sector. Additionally, procuring more books, increasing the number of classrooms and teaching staff and training the teachers through special programs are a must. Incorporation of smart class, if possible, could be a great starter.
  2. Having smaller classes: This means having a higher teacher-to-student ratio. When the classes have less number of pupils, the teachers get more opportunities to give individual care and attention to every student. Such tender care would greatly help solve every unique problem of every child. Besides, learning accelerates in a less crowded environment that helps better focus on what is being taught in the class.
  3. Proper Supervision: The teachers must be adequately supervised while they are teaching. This is usually the work of the principal. A constant supervision of a superior will help the teachers better their ways of teaching and child handling. This will improve the overall learning environment of the school.
  4. Outreach programs: Programs could be conducted by educational institutes to inform the parents about the do’s and don’ts in early childhood education
  5. Parents-teacher meetings: Parents-teacher meetings should be held at the highest possible frequency. Early childhood education is not only the responsibility of the school but also requires collaboration from the parents. This is because the child requires constant supervision to develop a good foundation. Outside the schools, it is the responsibility of the parents to look after that.
  6. Safe environment: Apart from giving all the necessary attention the child education institutes must be a safe space for all children. It is the responsibility of the school authorities that young minds must not face any discrimination or abuse while inside the school premises. 

Importance of Early Childhood Education

  1. Better cognitive development: One of the well-proven outcomes of early childhood education is better critical thinking approaches and improved problem-solving ability. In short, a good cognitive development. 
  2. Improvement of social skills: While in school your child will interact with his teachers and peers. This will improve his overall social skills.
  3. Developing emotional intelligence: When staying in a regulated environment outside the home, your child will learn to cope with the changing environment which will make him resilient.
  4. Laying the foundation of a strong education base: Your child will have early exposure to the alphabets and numbers. This will lay a good foundation for his reading, writing and counting skills. The three basic tenets of a strong educational base.
  5. Enhance creativity: With exposure to playful songs, puzzles, mind games, sports and other activities, your child will have better creativity and imagination.
  6. Learning discipline: Schools imparting early childhood education are a regulated environment with rules and definite consequences for breaking them. your child will learn to behave well. This will instil a strong sense of discipline that will help him ace his future life activities.

Early childhood education is of utmost necessity in shaping the future citizens of this country. It is tricky and requires the necessary mixture of fun and learning to keep them continuously interested. For this, the teaching staff have to be trained specially. This is a persistent problem in various child education institutes across the country. However, in recent years few institutions have come up with the singular focus of imparting quality education to children in a safe environment. Speaking of which, have you heard about Billabong High international school? There you have the most rigorously trained teaching support dedicated to the overall development of your child. Contact today and get all the necessary information on their enrolment procedure.

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