The Role of a Parent-Teacher Meeting in Academic Achievement


By BHIS   clockJuly 4, 2024   

Every parent wishes for the all-round development of their child. They try to send their children to the best school possible to achieve this. However, sending them to a good school does not solve the problem. Regular interaction with the teachers to assess their performance is also important. This is where the role of parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) comes in!

Parent-teacher conferences provide a shared forum for parents and teachers. They can discuss the child’s performance, behaviour, and education. Regular face-to-face interactions can help to improve the rapport between them. In this blog, let’s highlight the importance of parent-teacher meetings and the benefits of parent-teacher association (PTA).

Objectives or Purpose of Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Effective PTM can increase parental engagement in the classroom. They occur once or twice a year during progress reporting sessions or end of the academic year. They are quick meetings, lasting between 10 and 30 minutes. 

These meetings aim to establish collaborative goals. They strive to address challenges and create strategies to improve the learning experience. The main goals are to celebrate successes, talk about ways to improve, and build a friendly, encouraging healthy relationship. These factors contribute to the student’s development. It also highlights the value of a shared dedication to a child’s education.

Importance of Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parent-teacher conference bridges the gap between school stakeholders. These stakeholders include teachers, parents, and students. The primary focus of these conferences is on learning. However, it is also critical to examine concerns that might influence learning. These concerns include kids’ behavioural and social development. Let’s take a closer look at why frequent PTMs are so important:

  1. Collaboration Between Parents and Teachers
  2. The parent-teacher meeting gives a platform for the parents and teachers to discuss the child’s performance. It fosters a strong relationship between the stakeholders that boosts the learning process. They can discuss the issues that the child is facing and the ways to encounter them together. It also provides an occasion to celebrate the good performance of the child. 

  3. Assessing the Progress of Students
  4. It is important to track regular updates on the academic progress of students. These reports help in identifying the areas for growth. It also helps in acknowledging the accomplishments. Parents receive complete information about their child’s performance. These sessions provide parents the opportunity to engage in their child’s educational journey.

  5. Promoting Discipline and Healthy Relationships
  6. A parent-teacher meeting promotes discipline among the students. It makes them aware of the fact that there is nothing they can hide. Teachers and parents come face-to-face and discuss the issues. Thus, it encourages healthy relationships between parents and kids by providing opportunities for open communication. This is particularly relevant when a child faces academic or behavioural challenges. 

  7. Promoting the Child’s Well-being
  8. PTM promotes a supportive and inclusive learning atmosphere. It prioritizes the child’s overall development. It extends beyond academics. Discussions include interactions with others, emotional growth, and participation in school activities. Parents and teachers collaborate to develop ways to promote endurance. They also work together to create a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, they address the well-being concerns of the kids. 

  9. Providing a Supportive Home Environment
  10. Teachers spend lots of time with your child and can provide insights that they may not share at home. They can also determine if the home environment supports their child’s development. It’s like a fast assessment to test what we can do to enhance our child’s educational journey at home or school.

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

A PTA Association is a National PTA-affiliated organization. It is a school-based organization dedicated to improving the learning environment for children. Parents collaborate with teachers to help out in classes and reform the school systems.

The parent-teacher meeting emphasizes students’ progress in school. On the other hand, you can meet teachers and fellow parents at Parents-Teacher Association meetings. Discuss common concerns affecting the entire school is also a part of these meetings. You may share your thoughts, experiences, and concerns during these discussions.

Tips for a Productive Parent-Teacher Meeting for Parents

An effective PTM acts as a bridge between classroom experiences and a child’s home. It is an opportunity:

  1. To give useful insights into a student’s development
  2. To share information about their abilities
  3. To discuss any issues that may be affecting their progress.

Here are a few tips for parents to ensure a successful PTM:

  • Have a conversation with your child first. Ask questions about their classes, subjects, assignments, and tests. You should also talk to them about their relationships with other classmates. 
  • Arrive on time to make the best possible use of the allotted time. Also, you need to respect the teacher’s schedule.
  • You need to keep your focus centred on the child’s progress and needs. Avoid discussing unrelated topics.
  • You need to share insights about your child’s interests, strengths, and challenges. You must disclose any relevant family circumstances or changes that may impact their performance.
  • Communicate openly with your child’s behaviour. Disclose information about your child’s habits and any concerns you have.
  • Be open to both positive and negative feedback from teachers. Allow them to speak and politely discuss any differences of opinion. 
  • Discuss the action plan with teachers. Do not hesitate to ask the teacher for recommendations. They can help you in supporting your child’s learning journey and all-round development.

In conclusion, by fostering strong partnerships, a parent-teacher meeting helps to promote an inclusive educational environment. It’s not just about the marks or grades. The aim is to create a space for children where they feel taken care of. These conferences help in imparting knowledge and building a strong collaborative environment. This motivates the students to improve and perform better in academics and other activities. The PTA Association at Billabong High International School aims to provide a platform for parents to collaborate. Join us and contribute to a thriving and supportive learning environment!

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