Driving at age 14?


By BHIS   clockDecember 5, 2019   

Should driving be legal at age 14? No I don’t think driving should be legal at age 14. India’s current legal age to drive is 18 and in foreign countries such as America and England, the legal age of driving is 16. Why do governments have different legal age of driving laws? It’s because governments make these laws according to their population, in India for example we have one of the most populated countries in the world hence there need to be mature and aware citizens driving or else it can lead to a high death and accident rate.

The age of 14 is simply not mature enough to tackle with horrible problems on the Indian roads, 16 would be a better age but our government has put the Indian legal age as 18.

With the influence of racing games and movies, children of the age of 14 would simply not understand the difference between these games and the real-world responsibilities. It is risky chance but sometimes there are 14-year olds that have a mature understanding of this and should be legible enough to drive. The law is very is strict about the legal age of driving and I do agree but I do believe that the law should be reduced to the age of 16. Driving licences may be obtained by any citizen of age 18 or above, subject to certain conditions. Initially, a provisional licence is issued, which restricts the holder to driving whilst accompanied by a driver who has held a full licence in the category of vehicle, they are supervising the learner driver. The provisional licence may be exchanged for a full licence after the holder has passed the driving test. On reaching the age of 50, drivers may apply to have their licences renewed with a medical/fitness certificate. Many foreign driving licences permit one to drive in India for a period of one year- Driving license law. Those are the driving license laws, isn’t that complicated?

14-year olds fret for an exam! So, imagine them having to remember their studies plus these laws, they would be miserable (even though there are still 18-year olds that fret over exams). Driving is no joke; your mind must be fully clear in order to properly drive and focus on the road. It can be from the simple mistake of not changing lanes to the deadly issue using your phone while driving, it is dangerous for many and especially youngsters to properly maintain these driving disciplines on road and especially our Indian roads! This is my message to ALL INDIANS, don’t take a chance on a risky bet like this because in the end you might lose someone very important over something you foolishly risked hence I think driving at age 14 should not be legal.

Rafael Joseph – Grade 8

Student – BHIS Santacruz

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