Discovering Aptitude and Elevating Self-Esteem through Academic Achievements


By BHIS   clockJune 5, 2024   

In life, everyone has a goal set that they want to achieve. No matter how different one’s idea of success is from the other, all have drawn a milestone that will mean success to them. Although it keeps changing as we achieve our milestones, it never vanishes. Milestones help us have a clear objective towards which we are working. And finally, being able to achieve that milestone helps us understand our ability and be more confident. That is exactly why academic achievement is also important for students from an early age. Let us dive deeper into the topic.

Self-Evaluation and Self-Esteem:

The idea of growth is to be better than your older self. Setting realistic goals and achieving them helps you grow and advance in life and strengthens your self-esteem. Keeping milestones and tracking academic success is not about comparing children but evaluating their capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. When a child aims for a milestone, they learn to channel their focus into achieving it and work for it. Finally reaching the target results in a heightened sense of self-esteem and wanting to aim for the better. Academic achievement of students keeps them motivated to improve every day, and to aspire to be better than they were yesterday. 

The importance of academic achievement goes beyond just scoring higher than the peers. It drives the children to do better every day and be inspired by their classmates. A student’s academic success is also an indication of the growth and attitude of the child. When guardians celebrate every small academic achievement of students, it makes them feel recognised and appreciated. It motivates them to keep progressing.

Strengthening the Foundation:

A child’s mind is like a clean canvas waiting to be explored with colours and ideas. Thus, at a very young age, they are as receptive as creative. Building an environment of learning and improving makes them keen on soaking in all the knowledge around them. This is the time when milestones are to be set for them to focus on and achieve. When you have so much to learn from, and everything seems to be new and interesting, it can be very easy to be confused with information and opportunities. Milestones become their bull’s eye for success and help them stay away from distractions. 

As they keep making smaller objectives, such as learning the alphabet and identifying the colors and shapes, they start enjoying the process of learning and achieving the milestones. They start with smaller targets and climb their way up to bigger ones. This helps strengthen their base of knowledge for future endeavours. The more they grow, the more they learn and pave their way to a better and brighter future.

Better and Brighter Future

When children get into the practice of setting milestones and celebrating academic success, they get into the habit of working towards being better. In the journey towards academic achievements, children learn more and obtain a great deal of knowledge that prepares them better for the future. It is not just about getting better grades, having sharper mathematical skills, or acquiring knowledge but also the idea of knowing the right direction of growth and progressing towards it. This lays a solid foundation and groundwork for the future, where they will have a better understanding and the attitude to learn more. Starting to understand and identify potential milestones sets a path of growth for the child, and it helps them stay on track.

Promotes Analytical Thinking

A student’s academic success is not just measured by grades and stars but by how critically they think while choosing their path to achieve it. Understanding the environment and setting the right milestones ensures growth in the right direction. Academic success is not limited to one subject or learning one skill, it is a collective understanding of both intellectual and behavioural growth. Children need to build critical and analytical thinking on their way to academic achievements because impl ementing the acquired knowledge is as important as acquiring it.  So, identifying academic success also includes proper implementation of the information and not just getting good grades.

Academic achievements are a great way to identify a child’s strengths and shortcomings. It also helps in boosting confidence and self-esteem. It provides a clear indication of progress and direction for the child’s growth. Celebrating every academic success motivated the child to keep doing better and achieving more. Thus, academic milestones do not create pressure on a child but provide them to work towards and measure their progress. When the child can achieve success, they are assured of their abilities and academic strengths. As parents and teachers, it is very important to help the kids set milestones at an early age so they get into the habit of being focused and driven. Guardians are also to actively participate in recognising and celebrating a student’s academic success. The importance of academic achievement is setting the groundwork for a better future. 

At Billabong High International School, your child will get a positive environment to learn and grow. Our teachers help the children identify their strengths and set realistic and relevant milestones. Here, children are encouraged to improve through continuous achievements. So, call us today for admission and gift your child the opportunity to learn and grow toward a brighter and more successful future. 

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