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Commitment: #FutureReadySchooling ensuring #LearningIsNotLockedDown

Future ready is not just a phrase for us! Even in a situation like COVID-19 Billabong High International School continues to leverage the power of technology to continue the academic progress of students and begin the new academic year with virtual schooling & preschooling.

Our schools & preschools are locked down but ‘learning is not locked down’ – we are undeterred in our endeavour to ensure the journey of learning continues right from preschool to K12.

Billabong High International School Virtual Schooling Program Highlights:

Billabox LMS to reinforce

Secure online classes for all
Grades 1-12

Innovative online teaching

Online coaching and resources in Music, dance, art and craft, robotics and sports



Toddler Programme

10 months – 1.5years

3 Days a Week

1 hour 15 minutes

Toddler Training Programme

1.6 years – 1.11 years

5 Days a Week

1 hour 30 minutes



1.6 years – 2.5 years

5 Days a Week

2 Hours 15 Minutes


2.6 years – 3.5 years

5 Days a Week

2 Hours 15 Minutes

Junior Kg

3.6 years – 4.5 years

5 Days a Week

2 Hours 15 Minutes

Senior Kg

4.6 years – 5.5 years

5 Days a Week

2 Hours 15 Minutes


We have now extended our expertise to daycare as a response to the society trends. Our daycare structure creates a responsive environment for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergarteners.

3 years to 9 years


Learning is an exciting challenge, an adventure for your child and for us as a team.


Pre-School for your child

The world has moved from the Agricultural to Industrial and then the Information Age; it has now progressed to the Conceptual Age. Yet pedagogies in schools are left behind in the Industrial Age, wherein they think of children as products on a conveyor belt.

The context of the world has changed due to the Digital Revolution, Globalisation and Neuroscientific research. Learning experiences are constantly redesigned to include new research in neuroscience.

Our team explores how technology is shifting the way our children will socialise, work and find a sense of purpose in their adulthood. We use this data and place a greater emphasis on the types of skills we need to focus on developing, such as collaborative problem solving and critical thinking.