Lina Ashar’s dream to provide children a stress free childhood based on the idea that learning can be fun turned into reality, the first Kangaroo Kids Preschool at Mumbai in 1993. She believes that all children should be taught not only to make a living, but to live a joyous fun filled lives and has evolved a system of education that uses the basis of neurosciences and energy sciences which develops the brain, heart, spirit and soul of students, because it is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men. The care and experiences provided to young children during early years influences their view of the outside world and the way they relate to others and their ability to succeed as well. At Kangaroo Kids Preschool Velachery this became a reality in the year 2011, when Mr.V.T.Kannan nurtured this preschool which has now grown into a centre with happy kids and their parents. On whose demand of a high school paved the path to an other centre – Billabong High International School, Palavakkam, ECR

Vision and Mission

Our Core Values: BHIS envision an ideal education that values:
Wisdom over knowledge : We believe that wisdom comes from grounding in sound values, ethics and the ability to apply knowledge appropriately.
Individual creative thought over rote learning : We believe that passion and purpose lead to success, significance and financial freedom.
Spirituality over religion: We seek to convey the spirituality and personal growth are encouraged in our schools.
A united world over a divided one: We seek to help understand the laws of nature that govern all humans regardless of the manmade boundaries of race religion and region.