Nurture your child at Billabong High International School, Amanora

We believe that each of our students’ unique thoughts deserves a place to prosper. We envision a classroom that goes beyond itself and creates an environment where children are encouraged to think, create and follow their dreams. Affiliated to the CBSE Board, Billabong High International Amanora it is one of the most prestigious and trusted schools in the Pune. Our engaging classroom environment and highly interactive pedagogy motivate children to think beyond boundaries. With holistic learning experiences, our students develop not just academically, but also socially, emotionally and intellectually.

From the Principal's desk

Change has been the rule of the world and like all else, much has changed in the way we impart education. While many archaic ideas have been designated to the waste-bin of progress, this cannot nullify the significance of ancient wisdom in what we do. The trick, therefore, lies in striking a fine balance between the two. While technology may not supplement the traditional guru-shishya relation we have cherished, it may certainly complement it. Our children deserve the best of both worlds and this constant fine-tuning, balancing and exploration is what we at Billabong High seek to perfect.


Balance is the key to life and we seek to ingrain that in our children. Getting out under the sky and feeling the wind on ones face, and the soil under ones feet is as important as submission of assignments on time. Thinking outside the box, creating, innovating and exploring is as important as the traditional process of reading, writing and comprehending . It is my belief that every child is so unique that even a thousand different ‘pedagogies’ would not be enough to bring in their potential. It is here that the good-old teacher-student relation comes to play. Having been moulded by a number of teachers myself, at different stages in my life, I cannot over-emphasise on the role they play in the creation of a worthy global citizen and a good human being. Equally important is the role of peer groups which play perhaps the most crucial role in shaping the social interaction of a child. It is these interactions that we aim to facilitate and guide for best results.

School life is truly the best period of a person’s life. The lessons form their bedrock, and the memories are cherished for a lifetime. Keeping with this fact of life, it shall be our endeavour to ensure that at Billabong High, a child thinks, learns, plays , and most importantly is happy.


Our Curriculum & Pedagogy

Our Neuroscience based curriculum is designed to feed the natural curiosity of every Billabonger. The pedagogy is designed to engaging multiple senses in lessons and activities, like touch and sound, to facilitate better understanding and retention of information and aid the development of self-awareness, self-control, and interpersonal skills with a healthy attitude. It is not only interdisciplinary and theme-based but also highly engaging to ensure active participation and learning at every stage. Neuroscience Based Learning equipped with the right teaching strategy enables every learner to absorb, think, create and share knowledge.

Design Thinking

that brings Real Lessons for Real World

Genius Hour

to transform your child’s
passion for professional outcomes

Global Perspective

learning for a world without boundaries

Enquiry Based Learning

where why is the important question

Life at Billabong Amanora

Developing strong life skills allows Billabongers to make the most out of their life. As they grow and develop, key life skills, we empower them to become independent and well-equipped. Our ecosystem focuses on social, emotional, and physical well-being but also helps cultivate respect for diverse cultures, the spirit of teamwork, and collaboration with others for a common good.

Top CBSE & CAIE International School in Pune, Amanora, Hadapsar


Asia’s most trusted education brand is now coming to the hub of education ‘Pune’. Billabong High International school (Billabong high International School) launches Pune’s first company owned company operated school in Amanora, Hadapsar. We will start admissions for next academic year (2019 – 2020) in September 2018. This is our next gen school where we have redefined learning spaces in the form of learning commons (we believe that each child learns differently, Hence we have created a common classroom where children can either study by themselves or in groups using different modes of information).

Billabong one of the Best Preschool & Nursery School in Pune

The school has an innovation room, a unique range of Sports and Performing Arts activities to choose from and is technologically advanced school.
Billabong high International School Pune is a CAIE & proposed CBSE school currently starting from preschool to Grade 5. Billabong high International School is setup in a 2 acre lush green plot. The school is centrally located in a residential area and a prominent mall. At Billabong high International School Pune, students will practically learn to apply what they understand through various modes in their student program.
We will be taking utmost care of our children, hence Billabong high International School, Pune is being built by the best Design Consultants to make sure all safety and security norms are adhered to.


Top CBSE & CAIE International School near Pune

  • Behind Amanora Mall, Survey no. 169/170, Near Kumar Picasso, Keshav Chowk, Adjacent to Madhav Baug Society, Malwadi, Hadapsar, Pune – 411028