Academics & Extra Curricular Activities at Juhu IGCSE School

Billabong High International School offers the IGCSE board. Being a Cambridge recognized board, there are a magnitude of benefits for students that choose the IGCSE board. This new-age curriculum enables educators to guide students, as a class and individually, connecting teaching and assessment objectives across the curriculum framework and syllabus. Students get to focus on deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding, and higher-level thinking skills. For students that wish to study abroad, the IGCSE board enables students to have a seamless transition into foreign universities, while yet preparing them for Indian entrance exams if they wish to study in India itself. With a balanced academic curriculum, students have enough time to participate in extra-curricular activities as well. The IGCSE board is perfectly suitable for students that are interested in studying abroad.

Principal Speak
SCHOOL leader

The future is full of opportunities. We are in the digital age and now is the time to equip our children with the right tools and resources to be independent and confident adults. Giving a purpose to learning and allowing children to be thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers has been the guiding principle under which Billabong High International School has nurtured several achievers in academics & beyond. Everything we do at Billabong High International School is directed at constantly aiding children 'how to think' v/s 'what to think'. Our curriculum, academic and co-curricular programs and initiatives are designed to enable students to understand and apply concepts, creatively assess situations, analyze data, build insights and come up with creative solutions to challenges. I welcome your child to Billabong High International School – The School Of Thought as we prepare today’s learners to become tomorrow’s thinkers and leaders.

- Radhika Srinivasan


Billabong High International School adopts various principles and philosophies to ensure the success of our students. The following are some of the key pillars that we pride our education ethos on:


Our goal is to create high-interest & rewarding learning experiences that serve our students for the rest of their lives. Giving a purpose to learning and allowing children to be thinkers, innovators, and problem-solvers has been the guiding principle of our learning framework under which the school has nurtured several achievers in academics & beyond.

Sports Programs

SPAT programme aims at holistic development of our students. These activities help in discovering and nurturing individual talents of each child. Pursuing team sports helps in building collaboration and self discipline. Sports activities offered are football, basketball, capoeira Performing arts activities offered are Speech and Drama, Dance, Music Technology Programme offers Design Thinking and Visual communication (Essential 21st Century Skills)

Performing Arts Programs

Our unique performing arts programs enable our students to explore avenues that interest them from an early age, and hone the skills they need to excel in their chosen fields. These programs include Dance, Music, Theatre, Art, etc. By exposing them to a wide array of opportunities, the learners can try various sports or art forms, and decide which ones to take up.

Academic Achievers
Achievers Beyond Academics

Billabong High International School offers the CIE Board, from Nursery to Grade 12 (AS & A levels).

Pre-Primary – 8.45 am to 12.45 pm
Primary School – 8.00 am to 3.00 pm
Middle & Secondary School – 8.00 am to 3.00 pm

We have tie-ups with Huron University, and Wesleyan University.

Billabong High International School as a comprehensive Career Guidance program in place for our Middle and High School Students. This includes getting one-on-one sessions with our counsellors, university tie-ups, and other various form of support to ensure that our students are on the right path to achieve their goals.

We host a wide variety of events throughout the year, some of them include Annual Day, Sports Day, Literary Fest, Model United Nations (MUN), and many other similar events to celebrate various avocations and showcase the strengths of our students. Additional school events such as Podversations, Comic Capers, Mock Stock, Quillers, Billabong Bards, Speakers’ Soiree, Declamation, Beat Boxing & Acapella, Quiztopia, among several others take place through the year.

Once the children are settled no outsiders are allowed to wait in the school premises. The main gate, safety gates, main door and the class door are all kept shut to ensure the safety of all the children. Security guards are stationed at the gate at all times. No outsiders are allowed to enter the school premises without an entry in the book. The guard also ensures that no child leaves the school premises unaccompanied.

As a policy, parents are requested not to send children to school if they are unwell. Any illness beyond 3 days will require a doctor’s fitness/medical certificate without which the children are not taken into the class. If any child is unwell or running temperature at school, he/she is sent back home. In case of injuries or accidents, First Aid is given to the children at school and parents are promptly informed about the same.
For emergencies we have a tie up with the nearest local hospital.

Our school offers a bus facility, and all our buses have seatbelts on every seat. A female attendant is present in each bus.

Yes, all our classrooms and learning spaces are air-conditioned to ensure the students can learn in a comfortable environment.

We have a Toddler day care from 10 months to 18 months of age, and a day care facility is available from Playgroup to Grade V for our learners.

Our parent-student orientation programs will assist you in understanding the processes and guide you through the entire process. You can visit our admissions page and fill out the enquiry form to get started with the process.

Parent orientation and onboarding is a process to get the parents acquainted with the school, its policies, regulations, and facilities. This session provides a perfect platform for the parents to interact with school authorities and key POCs to clear all their doubts about life at Billabong.

The admission counsellor is your first point of contact at Billabong High World School. The counsellor will guide you through the entire admission process, documentation and policies and help you with any further information regarding admissions that you may need.

Our Admission Kit contains all the information regarding the admission process, policies, facilities and fee structure. The admission kit is available at the school office.