Welcome to Billabong High International School, Vododara.

Education is not a miracle cure or a magic formula, opening the door to a world in which all ideals will be attained, but it is one of the principle means available to foster a deeper and more harmonious form of human development and thereby reduce poverty, exclusion, ignorance, oppression and war.
Education must be founded upon the hope for a world that is a better place to live in, where people will have learned to respect the rights of men and women, to show mutual understanding, and to use advances in knowledge to foster human development rather than to create further distinctions between people and countries.

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At a time when educational policies are being sharply criticized the need of the day is to evolve a holistic concept of education to make learning more effective for the future. It has been universally felt that the role and essence of education is to bring about the fine synthesis between the accelerated pace of change in the global world and the country's cultural tradition and socio economic structure.​

Each individual must be equipped to seize learning opportunities throughout life, both to broaden her or his knowledge, skills and attitudes, and to adapt to a changing, complex and inter dependent world. If it is to succeed in its task, learning must be organized around the 4 pillars of education - as emphasized by the Delor's Commission learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together, and learning to be. Education must enable every person to solve his/her problems, make decisions and shoulder responsibilities. For education to be lifelong it must transmit efficiently and on a massive scale, an increasing amount of constantly evolving knowledge and know-how adapted to a knowledge driven civilization because this forms the basis of the skills of future.

If it is to succeed in its task education must be organized around 4 fundamental types of learning which throughout a person's life, will in a way be the pillars of knowledge : learning to know- that is acquiring the instruments of understanding, learning to do- so as to act creatively in one's environment , learning to live together- so as to participate and cooperate with other people in all human activities; learning to be- the development of a child's personality into a wholesome and responsible individual.

The present millennium has shrunk the world into one global village vaporizing all geographical and regional boundaries. The wired world of the (21 offers a frightening scenario to every school leaving student and the youth. Furthermore, the Indian mindset demands that every student strikes a balance between parental pressure and personal preference. The most difficult task then for him is to choose a career compatible with his interest and aptitude. At the secondary level the school plays a very important role in implementing education . The school curriculum through these 4 pillars must act as a motivating force or our society would be flooded with aspiring misfits and passive citizens. Thus the concept of learning throughout life, selecting the right vocation in life, character building and community living emerge as the keys to the 21st Century.

Education has to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world, at the same time reflecting some of the major issues facing the world today, such as terrorism, threat of nuclear war and violation of human rights. The school curriculum has to lay the foundation of good citizenship making the students aware of the concept of the world as a family of nations, the distinct culture of each nation and the interdependence among nations in different spheres.

The curriculum must be woven around an education in which learning is effectively carried over to adulthood. Hence the onus lies on school education to fulfill the dual purpose of enabling students to root themselves in the abiding national cultural values and tradition and at the same time learn to appreciate the richness and see himself/ herself as a member of the new emerging international community of mankind. 'The real issue in education is to see that when the child leaves the school, he is well established in goodness both inwardly and inwardly'.

Dr.Priti Shrimal

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“Leaders never say 'I'. They don't think 'I'. They think 'we'; they think 'team'. The 'team' functions with responsibility and without disrespect to anyone, and each person gets the recognition and satisfaction of a job well done.'”

Ms. Lina Ashar




Namita Somaiya

"My son is going to billabong school from past three years n the best part is, that he comes home in a very happy mood. I believe that t teachers n staff is very cooperative n their teaching techniques are commendable. My son knows everything whatever the teacher teaches him."


Meen A

"I had admitted my child in billabong high international school, thane in 1st standard. I must say this is the best school for all age group children. All teachers teach in a very different way so that it could be easy for the students to understand the things better."


Welcome to Billabong High International School, Vadsar - one of the top ICSE/ISC international schools in Vadodara, Gujarat. As a school renowned for providing premium education to students for more than 15 years, we believe in creating a transformation in the next generation of Indians.

Kangaroo Kids Education Limited, the parent company of BHIS Vadodara, has been the pioneer in providing primary and higher secondary school education of international standards. In the last 25+ years, we have set up more than 30 schools in 50 cities in India and across the Asian sub-continent.

Our founder Ms. Lina Ashar and her fellow educators have designed the exclusive curriculum that is used across all our schools and gives ICSE students an edge over the rest. Based on neuroscience studies and findings, it proven to be a highly effective methodology.

At BHIS Vadodara, your child will have access to excellent facilities and amenities. These include:


“Rich people have big TVs, Leaders have libraries” - Robin Sharma.
As educators we endorse the reading habit and have provided a well-stocked Digital library with an impressive index of Indian and international titles, covering both fiction and nonfiction, resource /reference books, dailies and magazines. Our primary and higher secondary students are encouraged to access it regularly. In addition, the library has an integrated ICT suite to complement the research activities.

Kindergarten Play Area:
BHIS Vadodara has a designated indoor play area for pre-primary children to ensure their safety at all times.

Kindergarten Activity Rooms:
Curated educational toys, puzzles, models, bricks, blocks are accessible to all our preschoolers to enjoy their kindergarten years, and to develop their potential through experiential learning.

Wifi Campus:
Ours is a fully WiFi enabled campus.
There is a multi-purpose, WiFi enabled auditorium used for all important school functions.

To nurture our students, and make them physically strong and mentally active citizens of the future, a range of sports facilities are made available.
BHIS Vadodara offers a wide range of exciting opportunities to get our primary and higher secondary students active in the evening sports programs (ESP) too. Students can choose from the following sporting adventures:

Art Room:
Art is enriching, and while being a calming activity it is also a stimulant of creativity. The Art Room on our campus ignites the artistic side of our students.

Music Room:
Music can trigger and activate brain activity, building new neural connections. It leads to children with a higher IQ as well as EQ i.e Emotional Quotient, and fosters harmonious relationships. It also helps in the child’s overall development intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

Our school encourages music lessons in classical, folk and western genres. A well-equipped music hall provides a variety of instruments including guitars, keyboards, violins, drum sets, harmoniums and tablas for students inclined towards both western and eastern music.

Sick Bay:
Our school has well-equipped health units, with a designated nurse. Students undergo regular medical check-ups and a health record is maintained for each child. While routine first aid is administered by the units, any emergency is referred to the nearby hospital in the city.

To ensure the safety of children, we provide round-the-clock CCTV surveillance and vigilant security to keep a watchful eye.

Children can sign up to use our safe, comfortable, fully air-conditioned buses for most routes in the city. These are available at a nominal charge and have an attendant in each and every bus.


Billabong High International School,
Kalali Vadsar Ring road,
Near royal acres,
Vadodara - 390010

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