We at Kangaroo Kids Education Limited (KKEL) invite all entrepreneurs who wish to be educators who make a difference to open high schools in India to partner with our Billabong High International School franchise. Our network of high schools is one of the most prestigious and fastest growing in the country today owing to the widespread presence our flagship brand Kangaroo Kids preschools and playschools, our vast experience as pioneers of contemporary education in India, and our distinguishing belief of delivering world-class education using the most up-to-date teaching methodologies with commitment and passion. By joining the BHIS family and opening your high school with our franchise in India, you as an entrepreneur and educator can avail of several benefits such as:

  • Our proven premium and widely tested business model.
  • Guidance from our team of experienced experts on how to open and market your high school franchise across India.
  • Continuous support and assistance on how to set up and operate your high school.
  • Support on how to carry out enrolments and admissions
  • Complete curriculum along with day to day lesson plans
  • Comprehensive teachers’ instruction guides and manuals with continuous updates in the latest developments and trends in education
  • A prestigious partnership with our esteemed and widely recognized franchise
  • High returns on your investment
  • Guidance on how to recruit and train staff for your high school
  • A much lower cost of set up and higher profits due to our well-established brand


Revolutions are not born in declarations. They are born in people, with intentions. Intentions of changing the world. For one, for all, for the better. If you are passionate about building a legacy of your own, and building the nation’s future, we are more than happy to invite you to the world of education and join hands with us to open your high school in India with us, Billabong High International School, often called the Best International High School Franchise in India. We will be happy to share our tried and tested business with you to open your own high school with our franchise in a town or city of your choice in India.

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