What is a Global Perspective?

Having a keen understanding of the big picture is the essence of having a Global Perspective. We live in an interconnected world - today more than ever, we see the need for students to develop the right attitude, perspectives, skills and approach to effectively transition from school into the real world. By adopting this approach, students are encouraged to think and explore solutions to various global issues. It also provides students with an understanding of how any situation impacts or relates to people around the world. It is an important aspect in education that empowers learners to better understand the world around them and their place in it.

Scientific reasoning & pedagogy

Most places of teaching and work encourage learners to meet immediate deadlines, study for exams around the corner, or complete a task at hand with little to no incentive to pay attention to the impact it may have on the overall organization or even themselves. By teaching students to look at each task from a Global Perspective, they are able to creatively solve challenges, apply best practices and learnings from across the globe, to come up with a n effective solution/ the best possible outcome.

What are the skills developed alongside it

Skills such as empathy, planning and organization, openness to different perspectives and collaboration are developed as a result of spending time building a global perspective. This enables students later in life, to solve problems that transcend borders, empathize with others, value diverse perspectives and helps develop a greater understanding of how the world is interconnected.

What careers match these skills

The best career path for such persons with such a skill set would be in leadership and management positions, as it involves large-scale planning, working with people from diverse nationalities and cultures and long-term perspectives. Especially in the case of multinational companies and working with international businesses, or even political careers or ones involving international relations. The practice of adopting a Global Perspective is indeed globally applicable.

Best skills that complement it

Communication, delegatory, and leadership skills would be fine additions to this, as they would be extremely useful when working with teams, and especially when leading a team. Being able to explain the repercussions and ripple effects of a task is crucial for such an individual, who is leading the team or project.

Everyday applications & how it helps generally in life

Having a sense of perspective, even if not at a global level, can greatly help an individual become a better planner and long-term thinker. By constantly being able to think ahead, and in big picture situations, less time is wasted on minor things that could be delegated, and more thought is given to the things that matter - be it goal setting, project planning, or even personal tasks.

Notable people with these skills

Kevin Feige, the man behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is a prime example of someone with a Global Perspective. Being at the helm of Marvel Studios, he was able to envision and plan an interconnected cinematic universe, with storylines and characters woven together like a singular story, over the course of a decade, and spanning over 20 movies. This was a feat that had never been done before, and many industry experts deemed it would fail. The vision was realized, thanks to his perspective of how he envisioned and planned it, and the MCU became the single most successful movie franchise of all time, grossing over 20 billion USD.