What is Enquiry based learning

Enquiry based learning is an enhanced learning experience for learners to ask big questions to engage their curious minds and develop investigative and problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to learn by asking questions about certain subjects, reasoning with assumptions, and finding original thought patterns that establish a foundation for new knowledge.

Scientific reasoning & pedagogy

Studies have shown that students that question principles and assumptions while learning have a better grasp of the subjects being taught. This is because questions stimulate discussion and creative and critical thinking, instead of asking them to accept things the way they are. Focused enquiry by students can help retain basic theories and information, as it puts into words what are otherwise unarticulated thoughts.

What are the skills developed with Enquiry based learning

Enquiry based learning due to its foundational principles can help a student embrace their natural curiosity and willingness to learn HOW and WHY things work the way they do. This also helps develop key skills such as good inference, critical thinking, reasoning, and can also help with overall communication skills.

What careers match these skills

Careers that could potentially value students that embrace enquiry based learning include careers in areas where information is derived by other people, and it is up to the candidate to formulate how to go about the next move. This can vary from Journalism to Medicine. Other possible options include counselling, law, and other such professions.

Other skills that complement Enquiry based learning

The very nature of enquiry based learning involves learners asking questions, and these questions and lines of thinking are critical to the outcome of the learning process and subject at hand. Good people skills, analytical thinking, interpersonal skills, and deduction and inference would profoundly complement a student that embraces enquiry based learning.

How Enquiry based learning helps in life

Enquiry based learning can help make students better listeners, pay finer attention to detail, and cultivate a clear thought process when thinking

Notable people with these skills

In spite of not being a Billabonger (although he has never denied it), Elon Musk is known for asking a lot of questions when dealing with various engineers and departments at his companies. While he studied physics and economics, he is known to have extensive knowledge in areas of electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, finance, and marketing - all of which was a result of gaining key pieces of information from the right people, and asking questions that piqued his curiosity.